A journey through the interior of Spain from Seville to Zaragoza and on to San Sebastian. Blog five.

We’ve got three weeks left before we have to catch the ferry home from Dieppe to Newhaven.We’ve worked a route out travelling through the interior of Spain to the Northern coast of Spain to San Sebastian. then up the west coast of France. We’ve had great time in Portugal we would like to stay longer but we have to make our way slowly back home. We’re in Isle de Cristina just over the border in Spain. The weather is improving its 20 ° today and forecast to stay good for the next 10 days ☀️.

Cristina nature reserve
Fishing boat at Cristina
Lovely beaches at Cristina
We found a bar /restaurant on the high street in Isla Cristina
We went on a bike ride across the nature reserve to the town Ayamonte on the river Guadiana, about 5 miles. The river is the border so were looking across the river from Spain to Portugal.          The town you can see on the other side is the Vila Real de Santo Antonio  were we stayed there a few days ago.                          
The ferry is still running across the river even though a new bridge has been built

Ayamonte is a beautiful little town, we enjoyed our day out on our bikes.  Isla Cristina is lovely town we’ve been before a few years ago we liked it so came again, we have got some chores done like washing cleaning the van inside and outside. We stayed on a very nice campsite looking over the nature reserve ten euros per day all in, and the weather forecast is good for the next twelve days.

We had a lovely four day at Cristina 😊😎👍

Next up we have a plan, to cut across Spain and visit some of the beautiful towns, villages and mountain scenery in the interior of Spain. First up Seville, Cordoba, Ubeda, Albaceta, Tenuel, Zaragoza, Sarriguten near Pompaloma then on to San Sebastian.

Seville one of the most beautiful city’s in Spain we’ve been before but it’s certainly worthy of a second visit. Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain with a population of 700000, Seville has so much to offer like Architecture most of the building are fantastic the Cathedral is enormous  and it’s the resting place of Christopher Columbus. The home of flamingco dancing. So much history it would take at least 3 days to see it all. While we were there a festival was going on for a full week, lots of dancing and colourful costumes, it was fabulous.

The festival parade went on for hours all with a different theme, very beautiful 🤗
Met a lady from Holland

Seville has so much to offer we could have stayed longer but we have to move on. Next stop Cordoba 90 miles away.

Cordoba population 336000 a city with lots of ancient history a mix of Moorish, Roman and Spanish culture. Cordoba is not as prestigious as Seville, its more like an old town with narrow streets we liked it maybe a bit better then Seville.🤔

Spain is full of Mosques and Cathedrals, Cordoba is no exception.  Only staying here one day we’re off to Ubeda a small to medium town across country through some beautiful scenery.

Ubeda high in the Andalusia mountains 800m giving it great views of the surrounding country side. A small town linked with another town called Baza.

Plenty of history here, we stayed for three days relaxing
Thanks To the town Ubeta for the parking aire, it was free to park for three days with services 🅿️👍🤗

Moving on now to Albaceta, Tenuel, Zaragoza, Pamplona,

First stop Albaceta a bit like a new town in the middle of Spain between Madrid and Mediterranean Sea, with a population of 174336 we had bicycle ride to the centre of city.

Nice to see Daffodils 🙂

Next up Tenuel, Through the mountains of rock.

A great drive through the mountains to Tenuel
ZARAGOZA. we parked up on a aire run by Zaragoza it’s free with services. And just outside the aire was a tram service taking us the centre of town, excellent only 1 50.euro each.
Spain is full of Mosques and Cathedrals.

Fabulous historic building in Zaragoza it’s a big city and very lively, population of 783763. Definitely worth paying a visit has with all Spanish Towns it’s a city’s with lots of history. Thanks to Zaragoza for your hospitality 👍

We’re going to Pamplona next but the weather was not to good, so we stopped off at a town just outside Pamplona called Sarriguten. It rained that day so we stayed local we found a couple of bars and a small super market, we were surrounded by high-rise apartments. All very smart we stayed on a free aire with services. But we enjoyed staying local for a change. So we never went to Pamplona, never mind we have seen a lot of historical building for this holiday. Lol 🤣.

I am not lost honestly 🤣
Found a nice bar has you do 🤣🍺
We managed to find our way back to the van and we Opened a bottle of our favourite Spanish wine. 🍾

That’s all for now, next time we’ll be at San Sebastian our favourite seaside resort and a Journey through France to Dieppe to catch the ferry back to England and home to Hull. AU REVOIR. 👍😎😃. Hope you enjoyed our blog if so send us a comment and like it will be much appreciated. derekandpat.com x

4 thoughts on “A journey through the interior of Spain from Seville to Zaragoza and on to San Sebastian. Blog five.

  1. Wow, what an interesting article.It looks absolutely gorgeous,all the lovely places towns and villages…and information about them…Enjoy the rest of your journey.Looking forward to the next blog….Safe travels guys from us 2 Grimmys 💕


  2. An excellent review of your travels. We hope to try and visit some of the places you have. Thanks for the blog.


  3. Thank Colin glad you enjoyed our blog we appreciate your reading it. I put another blog up yesterday it’s the last one in this season but we’ll be back shortly with more blogs. All the best Derek 👍


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