Twelve days in Portugal on the Algarve.

We booked in for three nights in Vila Real de Santo Antonio on the Guadiana River which is the border between Portugal and Spain, we where in Portugal looking over the river to Spain on an aire, which is only 5 euros a night + 1 euro tourist tax a great facility for motorhomes thank you to Santo Antonio. The population is 20,000 the main industries fishing for Tuna and sardines, and of course tourism. The Antonioe Marsh Natural reserve is home to lots of marine birds mallards, flamingos terns, storks, dunlins and spoonbills Marsh land and woodlands and the Atlantic ocean has several kms of sandy beaches, a wonderful place to visit. The seaside resort of Monte Gordo is only 5 kms away so we went for a bike ride through the woodland and Marsh lands to the seaside.

Looking across the Guadiana River at the Spanish Town of Ayamonte.                                                           The river is the border between Portugal and Spain
The Guadiana International bridge from Spain to Portugal

Marina Antonio

We’re going on a bike ride today through the Marshlands, on to a small town called Monte Gordo a seaside resort on the Atlantic Coast.

Cycling through the Marshlands was excellent but we only saw a few Flamingos to far away to photograph 😢
Monte Cordo is a lovely resort with golden beach
Fishing harbour on the beach
Lots of Boardwalk Restaurants
Our e bikes are great for getting around 😎
Crocodile with covid mask 😊

On the way here we spotted a beach bar called The grand beach club looks a bit posh, so we’re going to treat ourselves 😎👍.

That was a bit pricey 🤑, but we enjoyed, it was a lovely meal.

Next day we had a waik around the town of Vila Real de Santo Antonio a smart little town worth a visit we will definitely come again 😃

We’re moving on now to Tavira just 30 miles away along the Algarve. Tavira is one of the most charming towns on the Algarve with population of 25000 it sits on the banks to Gilao river a mix of Portuguese traditions and Moorrish influences. Hidden in the maze of cobbled alleyways and traditional Red tiled houses. Lots of culture fabulous architecture and wonderful beaches. So we got our bikes out and had a look round.

We enjoyed Tavira a beautiful town very historic, it also has lovely beaches about two km away, but we didn’t go to the beach, because we’re moving on to Albufeira meeting up with some friends we met last year.

John and Manda, We met them at Rincon del Victoria last year we got on well, and have been in touch though Facebook. They live in Albufeira and have residential Qualifications in Portugal, and have lived there for a number of years on a very nice site and we’re going to stay there for four days.

John and Manda great hospitality good company and great fun. 😃👍

Teddy and snowie John and Mandas well behaved doggies

We got there late afternoon so we got settled in and went to the sports bar, for drinks and a meal

John and Manda are going to Morocco for three months in a couple of days they have been there three times the land where the sun always shining.☀️. Although they live in Albufeira they still do lots of travelling, good for them, have great it time. Thank you for making us welcome x

Saying goodbye x

Albufeira is a resort town the biggest on the Algarve. It provides all you need for a great package holiday, the coast line is fabulous with a great beach. Albufeira is quite hilly and picturesque town so I went and explored on my ebike.

I had a quick Recce of Albufeira and it looks good, so I went back to the site and Pat and I walked down to the town for a change.

We had ride on this train to get our bearings
Why do I aways have a drink in my hand, I blame Pat 🤣🍻
Mick still Cool. 😎👍
Elvis will live for ever 🙂
Strange parking 🤣
Down to the beach on an escalator 🤣
From the beach on a lift 😊
Man with mad dog 🤗
One man band very good 😎 cool
A Tuk Tuk to take us home
Right back to our van.

Albufeira is lovely place plenty to do and see, we enjoyed our selfs would come again 👍😎.

Next up Mikkis place a camping site we’ve been to before and enjoyed, only Twenty miles away.           We booked in for one night.

Mikkis place has got it own character that’s for sure, lots of art work about pottery painting and a lot more stuff. It’s bit like a hippy community I think one third for the people who stay here are longterm camping, if you want something different this is the place.

Tomorrow we’re going back to Spain to Isla Cristina just over the Portuguese border. The aire we’re staying at has washing machines we need to do some washing and cleaning, holidays are not all fun 🤣 Cristina is nice place we will still be doing some exploring.

That’s all for this blog. We’re going to slowly make our way north across the interior of Spain. Stopping at Saville, Cordoba over to Zaragoza, San Sebastian that’s the plan. We have only got twenty two days left before we go home. 🤔. Thanks for reading our blog 👍Adios por ahora x

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