Moving on to the mountains of Spain then Portugal. Blog three 25 02 23

We have been staying in Torre De Benagalbon near Malaga for six weeks, we stayed two weeks longer then we planned because the weather was not so good in Portugal where we planed to go, so we’re going later. The locals say it’s been the coldest winter for a long time, although it’s been between 14 & 18 degrees to us from northern Europe it’s not to bad. Portugal on west coast of the Atlantic ocean it’s been even colder.                     We’ve a had a lovely time we stayed on a small campsite only 35 camper vans including all facilities at a very reasonable price. We’ve met lots people from Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and a few British escaping from the cold northern winter.

We went for a Meal with Aneta and Jan from Denmark 👍😁
Kerstin & Christer from Sweden two people at the back from Belgium sorry forgot names.
Our electric bikes have been great.

Rudy sat with me from Belgium.    In the 5 o’clock club 🍺

We have been here six weeks time to move on and do some travelling. We’re going into the mountains of Spain to a white village called Casares about 15 miles north of Estepona. In the province of Malaga               This village is spectacular with a population of 4000. Built on the top of a mountain and down into a valley with a 12th century castle on the top. Lots of narrow streets white washed houses very steep climbing to the top to see the Arab castle, but well worth it the views are fantastic you can see all way to Gibraltar and Morocco. Our electric bikes came in handy helping us up the steep hills.

Can you see Pat?
A Vulture
The battlements of the old Arab castle
That was a steep hill but I made it on my ebike

Most white villages are beautiful but Casares is a bit special well worth a visit

We stayed here two days the campsite was free with facilities.                  …..                                       Next up still in the mountains Agodonales. A road  trip up and down mountains with hairpin bends a journey to remember and the satnav sent us on some road we should not have been on. Nevertheless we got to Agodonales safely.

Agodonales is a lovely small town we where going to stay two nights but we could only stay for one night because they where having a festival the next day and needed the campsite for parking for the festival, never mind.

So the next morning off we went to Portugal 150 miles to Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

Entering Portugal
Strawberrys for tea 😃
First job shopping, I get the heavy load. 🤣

That’s all for now we’ll tell you all about Vila Real de Santo Antonio in the next blog looks a very nice place Ate logo 😃👍. Hope you like our blog please give us a like or a comment.

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