Living in Spain on the Costa del sol, blog two. January February busy.

This is the busiest time of year for camp-sites in southern Spain, all the campsites are full. Glad we booked in last November. Our site is having to turn away ten or twelve mortorhomes every day its the same all over the Costa del sol. So we’re staying here an extra two weeks, six weeks in total. The Spanish government has cracked down on wild camping lot’s of signes saying no over night parking for mortorhomes on carparks, beaches and waste land. Which is a shame because we like to wild camp some times.

Our first day out after being ill, feeling fine now a walk along the Mediterranean Sea it was about 14 degrees but it felt warmer with the sunshining bright.

The 5 o’clock club is still going strong we have met up with some friends we made last year from all over Northern Europe escapeing the cold winter, just like us 😃.

We have now got electric bikes so we can explore the area, making it a bit easier and more fun and we can go a lot further. Our first ride out we went to the Rincon caves.         Popularly known as La Cueva de Higueron ( the cave of treasure) One of only three marine formed caves that have been discovered in the world and now can be accessed above sea level.          

We love our e bikes

Lots of stairs to climb plus six cave rooms to visit the virgin room, Eagle room, cave painting room, Noctiluca room, Volcano room and the lake room, all very interesting worth a visit. Lots of stairs to climb up on the way out but we found an elevator 😃.

The Elevator room 👍

We have a six mile ride back to the campsite with a couple of hills, but no problem on our electric bikes. We got Pat a new E bike and I put a electric kit on my Brompton and it works well. Both bikes fold up and  we put them in the storage garage in the back of the van. Better then a bike rack on the the van, a lot safer, out of sight out of mind.

A few days later we decided to go to Malaga in the van for two day. Iv been in touch with Peter the landlord of the Shakespeare pub who runs a music session /open mic, he said he still runs it on a Friday night please come and join us. I’ve played here before over the last 3 or 4 years. So off we went I’ve been told we can still park on Malaga beach. We got parked up OK with 60 other van on the beach, the police came round and said if we don’t put tables and chairs out and treat it like a holiday camp we’ll be OK for two nights. So thats what we did.

Ferry going in to Malaga Harbour
Three fishermen playing dominoes waiting for a catch on Malaga beach 🤣
The view from our van👍

We went in to Malaga City in a taxi and did a bit of shopping, Malaga is a beautiful city with some great architecture. Then we had a meal of tapas which was excellent then off to the Shakespeare for some music. 🎶

Cocktails for two 🤣👍
The tapas keeps coming
Peter the landlord started the night off.
My turn I enjoyed playing even under pink spot lights. 🤣🎶

Next up the Shakespeare pub. Thanks to Peter he let me play twice, we enjoyed the night and all the other performers, the pub was packed out. We got back to the van at 1 30 am a great night.

Next morning we had a ride along the promenade which has a good cycling track to Malaga Harbour and back.

We’ve had a great two days in Malaga. Now we’re off back to our campsite in Rincon, when we got back the sun was shining so we made a meal and eat out side our van, pizza and chips and salad.

Pat did a bit of sunbathing ☀️😊

We have decided to stay here another two weeks the weather as been good here but not as good as last year. We were going to Portugal but the weather has been very bad lots of rain and very cold and we’ve been told all the campsites are full so we’re staying here till later in February. Our plan is the same still going to Portugal.

That’s all for now hope you enjoy our blogs please message us and let know what you think😃x Au revoir pour L’instant.

5 thoughts on “Living in Spain on the Costa del sol, blog two. January February busy.

  1. Hi Derek & Pat, you both look so relaxed.
    Your surroundings look really tranquil.
    I look forward to reading your next chapter.
    Take care, love to you both ❤️


  2. Hi Derek & Pat, you both look so relaxed.
    Your surroundings look really tranquil.
    I look forward to reading your next chapter.
    Take care, love to you both ❤️


  3. Very interesting blog.Lovely piccys if Malaga and surrounding areas…Pleased the weather has improved and you are both feeling a lot better…Like the look of Shakespeare bar and music night ..Keep on sending these wonderful piccys of your adventures…Lots of love from us Grimsby guys.♥️♥️


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