Our 2023 Journey to the winter sunshine ☀️Blog One

We had a lovely Christmas and new year with our family and friends, we had Christmas Dinner at our Daughters home with the our grandchildren and boxing day at our sons house with more grandchildren, we had a fabulous time, no cooking lol. 🤣. Thank you Rachel and Dave, James and Emma.

But now it’s time to think about our holiday in southern Spain. We’ve got a ferry booked on the fourth of January sailing out of Newhaven to Dieppe in France in our motorhome. It took us two days to pack our van with things we need for the Ninety day holiday, thats maximum we can stay in Europe now we’re out of the European Union.

We set-off at 3am on the 4th Jan nice and early to get to Newhaven for 11am sailing. The journey down went well M62, M18, M1, M25 and M23 no road works on any of the motorways, can you believe that. The M1 and M25 are mostly 4 lanes motorways now which is a big improvement. We arrived 2hours early in to Newhaven port for the ferry. Its a four hour sailing across the Channel to Dieppe. We parked up for the night on Dieppe Docks there is a parking place for mortorhomes with full fecilities, excellent.

Our home for three months.
Leaving Newhaven wet and windy.
Parked up for the night in Dieppe.

We parked up in Dieppe for the night, I wasn’t feeling very well for the last two days and it was getting worse. Next morning we set off on our 5 day Journey to Rincon de la Victoria on the Costa  del sol, we are booked in for 4 week. The same campsite we stayed at last year which we like very much. The Journey down was a nightmare I got worse and Pat caught the same bug which was to be expected two days later. We only did low mileage and parked up early in the afternoon. We tested our self’s for corvid we were negative, so we put it down to flu what ever it was it was awful never felt so bad. We stopped 4 times limoges, Torre del la Mora, Almaria, on the fifth day we made it to Rincon campsite thank god,

A walk around Torre De La Mora some fresh air and a  lovely sunset, took a few photos
We stopped here the night Torre De La Mora it was a nice place but it was chillie

Arriving at Rincon camping site was a relief, I was feeling very ill so was Pat so we took it easy.

We had a very bad cough and a sore throat we felt terrible, it wasn’t like a normal cold we didn’t have a snotty nose, it took us a week to get over it. The lady Cath who owns the campsite is English married to a Spanish man and have three children, Cath runs the camp site and was very helpful said to go to the chemist just down road where we got some medicines.

We’re now on the mend feeling a lot better, the weather is good it’s around about 18 degrees day time with lots of sunshine it gets cold on a night. We have settled in here at this lovely friendly camp site we are here for 30 days. After about 6 days we decided to go for a walk down to the beach,   first time out of the campsite feeling a lot better so now the holiday begins 🙂👍.

That was bad Start to our holiday but we’re over it now.       🤣                                                                We’ll be moving on in about 12 days touring the Costa del sol then the Atlantic Coast of Spain in to Portugal along the Algarve up the west coast of Portugal to Porto. We’re going to follow the river Douro. Then in to the northern part of Spain to France that’s the plan. Hope you will follow our blog. I’ll be putting a blog out every week from now on, A Plus Tard 🙂☀️🍻

2 thoughts on “Our 2023 Journey to the winter sunshine ☀️Blog One

  1. Glad you’re both feeling better it laid us low for over a month, looking forward to your blogs


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