Blog nine.The rain in Spain is pouring down + another Orange dust cloud.

Weather is unpredictable we have had lots of rain and wind over the last ten days, plus Orange dust mixed in with the rain making everything orange. This is the second time we’ve had orange dust storms and it’s worse than the last time. The temperature has been around 17° not two bad. But the weather has not stopped us from doing things. We went to a local market selling fruit, veg, clothes and everything but the kitchen sink very reasonable prices.

Walking in the rain ☔
Every thing gets covered in orange dust for the second time🤨.
Market day.
Spanish dancing lesson.

We’re not letting the weather stop us from enjoying ourselves, so went for a ride on the coast road to visited some of the lovely villages, Casatones, La Mamola, and La Rabita, a very quiet part of the Tropic coast. The industry around here is mostly fishing, farming and tourism. Driving along the coast road is beautiful great views so we dropped down a steep road into La Rabita for look around and a coffee.

La Rabita
Cleaning up the orange dust.
Coffee Stop

We got a break in the weather in La Rabita but not for long. We have been in Spain for nine weeks now, the Spanish people say it’s the worst March weather they can remember. Never mind we’ve got three weeks of our holiday left we’ll be moving on next week up the Spanish coast into France.

25th of March is our 50th wedding anniversary. So we are celebrating with a meal in the best restaurant we can find in Castell Del Ferro, not many of them open this time of year.

Mussels to start with, followed by fish, main course Paella. 🙂
St James’s Church Sutton upon Hull.
50 years wed still going strong.
We took these photos on a 10-second timer what a performance, but we had a laugh 🤣

That’s all, for now, see you next time thanks for reading our blog x Derek and Pats Travels. Que todos tus problems seen pequenos

4 thoughts on “Blog nine.The rain in Spain is pouring down + another Orange dust cloud.

  1. Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! That’s a looong time! That’s a lot of orange dust you’ve had😲. We’ve booked our tickets for Spain for mid April. We were going to do Scandinavia but want some sunshine instead🔆 Enjoy the rest of your trip x


  2. Congratulations on you’re anniversary shame the weather isn’t as good as it should be but like us you just get on with it have a lovely week looking forward to your next blog xxx🍰🎂🍷🍷


  3. Hi Joy & Anth we had a great anniversary we went for lovely meal, the weather has been a bit off just lately, but we just get on with having a good time the temperatures ok about 17°so its not to bad, thanks for reading our blog x x dp


  4. Thanks, we had a lovely time on our Anniversary in the Orange dust🤣 the weather has been a bit bad lately but we just get on with it. We’ve been here at Castell De Ferro for over three weeks maybe a bit too long, but we’re moving on this week up the coast. We have till April 16th that our three months up 😐 we’ll be coming back in July maybe Italy. Thanks for reading x


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