Blog 8. The weather is a bit inclement, and we’ve had a Orange dust cloud storm.

The weather as changed, we’ve had rain over night and off and on all day Sunday. Next morning we woke up to an Orange dust cloud which came over from the Sahara desert turning the sky red/orange, all the streets, terraces, cars and motorhomes covered in orange dust it’s expected to spread all over Europe and into England.

All the motorhomes on our site were in a right mess. The Spanish people we talked to said it was the worst they had ever seen. Especially the orange colour. So we spent the afternoon cleaning the van.

All cleaned up, time for a drink or two to wash the dust down as you do.🍺 We had great fun trying to understand each other with German, Dutch. French all lovely people.

The next day we decided to go for a ride into the mountains, we didn’t have to go far we are surrounded by them. We headed for a town called Orgiva on the southern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It’s less than an hours drive. But when we got there we couldn’t find a place to park we went around Orgrve one way system twice it was very narrow cars parked every were it was a pain,🥴 so we went up in to the mountains not far from the snow line. we had a little walk and something to eat in the van.

Looking down on the village of Rubite a beautiful white village.
This winding road went all the way down to Castell De Ferro. The photos never seem to show how dramatic the view is when your there.
We went on the blue line and came back on the grey line, with fantastic views and a very windy road.
Castell De Ferro in the distance by the sea.

We had a lovely day in the mountains. Spain is a beautiful country. The next day there was a storm and the sea went wild.

It’s market day in Castell De Ferro so we went and had a look, it was more like a car boot sale we had a walk around lots of Spanish artefacts. Then we went to a restaurant for a drink and something to eat we had a lovely meal.

Castello Church.
Fish and chips Spanish style very nice .
Coffee for two, end of a perfect meal.
I went for a bike ride on the coast road it was very mountainous hard work on a push bike 🥵

The weathers has been a bit up and down this week cloudy and rain a dust storm and stormy sea, but the temperature has been ok about 16 to 17 ° so we mustn’t grumble. That’s all for now see you next Saturday 🥰👍. Hasta Luego, Caiman

2 thoughts on “Blog 8. The weather is a bit inclement, and we’ve had a Orange dust cloud storm.

  1. Thanks for your blog, photos are brilliant take care. I hope you’re not booked on P&O they have sacked eight hundred staff with no notice and there is hell on as they are bringing people in to work on the ships Anth saw they were going to pay 2.60 hr don’t know how true it is, disgusting the government are looking into it well that’s what they are saying. They should take their licenses off them rant over, looking forward to your next blog xxxx


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