Blog 7. Settling down for thirty days on The Costa Tropical.

Castell De Ferro is a lovely small town on the Mediterranean sea, a beautiful place surrounded by Mountains. We’ve settled in for a three-day rest. Not many British people here but we’ve met up with two Southern Irish people from the city of Middleton, June and Colin.

The weather is nice and sunny but Cloudy at times, the temperature hovering around 16 to 18Β° but it’s still cool on a night. But it didn’t stop us from sitting out and having a drink, With Colin and June.

Today we’re going for a ride out down the coast to Calahonda, Motril and Almunecar a coast line with big high cliffs. First, stop Almunecar

Almunecar a very nice holiday resort very quiet at the moment we stopped for a coffee

Just a short stop at Almunecar, a great place for a summer holiday. πŸπŸ–

Moving on to Motril just 10 miles away.

Motril is a busy modern city with lots of shops, but we’re going to Motril playa to find a beach restaurant.
We found this fabulous restaurant on the beach at Motril playa
Thai Curry with Mussels incredible πŸ™‚
More lovely food we shared all three plates wonderful food πŸ˜ƒ.
We drove back along the beautiful coastal road along the cliffs.
Table and chairs made to last πŸ˜†
The cliff road took us back to our campsites.

The next day the sun was shining brightly so a day on the beach and a few chores, So we did the chores first, filled up with water get rid of our waste a bit of washing and shopping. Then down the beach.πŸ–

Pat did the washing.
I went shopping.

The beach is just outside the campsite it’s a pebble beach about a mile and a half long very nice. A few hours in the sun it’s 18Β°, maybe a swim in the sea if it’s not to cold, it is winter πŸ₯ΆπŸ€£

It’s very quite here in Castell De Ferro, as you can see from my photo the beach is quite only about 10 or 12 people on the full length of the beach. The town is quiet most bars and restaurants are closed. But there are a few shops, bars and restaurants open I’m pleased to say.
Our campsite is full up with motorhomes from northern Europe over 70 vans helping the town’s business keep open over winter.

The view from my sun lounger. Knees additional.

That’s all for this week, another blog next week give us alike or a message would be appreciated. Tu la demand Que viene.

4 thoughts on “Blog 7. Settling down for thirty days on The Costa Tropical.

  1. Really enjoying your blog, you both look really well lovely photos looking forward to your next blog xxx


  2. We are enjoying the weather and sunshine making us feel fit and well. Although last night it rained for 4 hours and it’s Cloudy today but it’s warm, hope your well Rosie xxπŸ™‚


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