Blog 6 Moving up The Costa del Sol to Castell De Ferro where we are staying for a month.

Passing through Estepona, Marbella, Fuengirola just a short visit, then Malaga Carnival for the night.

Malaga Carnival is very colourful but honestly, it’s just people dressing up, it seems like every town and city in Spain has one but Malaga is one of the most spectacular ones. We had an enjoyable night a nice meal and we went to the Shakespeare pub and met up with Peter the landlord, who we have met before when I played at the open mic night a couple of times, but not tonight I got the wrong night.
Thanks, Peter for a lovely 4 pints of Guinness and Carling. šŸŗšŸŗšŸŗšŸŗ.
Torrox a seaside resort.
It’s dull and quite in Torrox we went for a windy walk it was a bit chilly, so we went in a bar for a drink and some tapas as you do, very nice.

When we got back to our van it was blocked in by another van, they said we’ll move it in the morning. I said no way! move it now, please. I don’t like being blocked in so they move it. There was plenty of space they just wanted to park next to a friend. I was not very popular.                        Am I Bovvered. šŸ¤£šŸ¤®

Castell De Ferro. A little gem on the Mediterranean sea, costa Tropical of Granada, surrounded by mountains of Sierra Nevada. Castell De Ferro is a small town with a beautiful pebble beach and probably the warmest microclimate in Spain hence the name Tropical. With a population of only 2900 it’s a quiet place, farming being it’s the main industry, along with tourism, but not many foreign tourists come here mostly Spanish. Crops grown here are cucumbers, peppers, avocados zucchini, grown under plastic greenhouses, intensive farming. Suppling most of northern Europe with fruit and vegetables. We’ve been here before and love it, so we’re staying for a month. Lots of villages to explore on the coast and up in to the mountains. So we’ll be out on our bicycles maybe taking the van out for couple of days, hire a car or public transport. But for first few days we’re going to relax.

Our campsite for the next thirty days by the beach.

We have stayed here before it’s a lovely site with all facilities, 10 euros a night for a long stay.

That’s all for now hope you enjoy our blog. Give us a like or a message we answer them all. A new blog every Saturday šŸ˜ƒšŸ‘ derekandpatcom .

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