Blog 5. Moving on down the Costa del sol ( land of the Sun ) to the Strait of Gibraltar.

We had a lovely time at Rincon, but thirty days is long enough in one place. We’re moving south down the Costa del Sol to Gibraltar, stopping at three or four places on the way. The first place we’re stopping is Malaga, yes we have been before but we like Malaga and still a lot of things we have not seen. So we parked up in Malaga for two days on municipal parking for motorhomes with some facilities free of charge, thanks to Malaga. Plus we need to do some shopping and theirs a big supermarket near by. So we decided to go for a bike ride in to the city.

We always find a bar 🤒😃🍺

Two days in Malaga 🙂. Now off to Benalmadena just around the corner, 12 miles. Benalmadena is a very attractive holiday resort with great beaches a beautiful harbour and a cable car that takes you up into the mountains to a nature reserve. A lovely town centre with lots of shopping a very smart place to visit. We got parked up on the beautiful harbour.

We had a great time in Benalmadena the weather was hot 23° we finnish our day and night with a lovely meal.

Next day we went to Torreguadiaro about 45 miles away a small seaside town with a great Beach. We are meeting up with Keith Sweet our friend from Belgium who we met up with in Rincon. Just down the coast 2 miles is Sotogrande a large privately owned gated community and a beautiful marina full of superyachts. So we went and had look around.

El Galeon Andalucia

It was nice to meet up with Keith again, he’s going home now. But not Pat and I we’ve got another 6 weeks before we go home. Tomorrow we’re going to Gibraltar, just 14 miles away. Gibraltar is a British overseas territory on the southern tip of Spain, home to over 32000 primarily Gibraltarians. The landscape is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar. The sovereignty of Gibraltar is a point of contention between Spain and The UK. But the Gibraltarians overwhelmingly voted to stay British in a referendum in 1967. Gibraltar’s economy is mostly tourism, online gambling, financial services and bunkering fuel for shipping. The price of petrol and Diesel is just over a pound a litre.

Barbary Macaquer monkeys, live on the top of the rock of Gibraltar 230 of them in 6 groups.
Gibraltar airport
We enjoyed fish and chips.

Cigarettes are cheap £33 for 200, whisky for £8 a bottle. We had a tour around the rock in a minibus it was very interesting with lots of history. Gibraltar is in a very strategic place on the strait of Gibraltar, only 8.3 miles from Africa. Half of the world’s shipping passing through and most of the ships fill up with fuel in Gibraltar because of the low price. We had a fantastic time in Gibraltar. The high street is about half a mile long full of British shops with familiar names. Lots of duty-free shops alcohol and cigarettes are very cheap. But most other things are not, like jewellery and clothes. The weather was lovely 🙂 but that’s about to change ☹.

Moving on but not far, about six miles to Santa Margarita. We found a great wild camping place by the sea. The weathers been great while we’ve been in Spain but today it rained for 4 hours, the next morning it was cool cloudy windy and wet.

A wild place to park for a couple of days.
The rock from 5 miles away
The wind was wild so was the sea.
Gibraltar looking mean and moody

Even though the weather was not good we had some great walks in the wild windy weather. The light was good for photography so I got my best camera out and took some photos.

That’s all, for now, thanks for reading our blog. Next week we’ll be parking up at Castell De Ferro at motorhomes Tropic Area for a month. But we will be taking some trips into the beautiful mountains in The Costa Tropical in Granada Area. nos vemos luego.

6 thoughts on “Blog 5. Moving on down the Costa del sol ( land of the Sun ) to the Strait of Gibraltar.

  1. Thanks for the blog’s finding them really interesting and enjoying looking at all the lovely photos


  2. Oh the beautiful sunshine, I can almost feel it.🌄🌅…What a wonderful time you are having.Meeting lots people,that’s what it’s all about.Our favourite place Benalmadina too.❤️❤️… Gibraltar looks very interesting, we’ve never been but will do now I’ve seen the piccys… Weather here is very settled today,fairly warm and springlike…it’s Charlie’s birthday so going out for late lunch with family.❤️❤️…Stay safe guys and keep up with us all through the blogs…Love sent .J nChy.xx


  3. Thank you both for the lovely comments the weather has gone a bit cooler the last two days we must not grumble we have done well. Happy Birthday to Charlie have a great meal with your family cheers DP xx


  4. Hi Cath, yes we are having a fantastic time although the weathers gone a bit wet and windy it’s still 17° not to bad. Thanks for reading our blog 👍😃 see you W&C soon xx DP.


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