Blog 4. Thirty days in Rincon De La Victoria time to move on.

We have been here in Rincon Southern Spain for thirty days, this last week it’s got warmer weather 23° and the days have got longer it’s not dark till after 7 30pm. It’s early spring in Spain a beautiful time of year.

We went for a walk down to the beach just 5 minutes walk from our campsite, we had a drink and some Prawn Chilly Twisters very nice, in our favourite restaurant La Calma playa.

We’re going for a ride out in the van to a white village in the mountains called Competa, it’s 30 miles away but it’s a steep climb 638 meters above sea level on a windy twisting road not for the faint-hearted. We got to Competa the sat nav tried to send us up into the village but it was a very tight right turn and a narrow road, so we went past the village, but we couldn’t turn around for three miles. Eventually, we got parked up on the perimeter road not too far out of the village, Quite an experience but what a lovely village. Competa is surrounded by Mountains some of them over 2000 meters high. The population is 4000 many of the residents are from northern Europe Uk, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Norway,

Although it was a sunny day it was a bit chilly in the shade, but we were 700 meters up in the mountains .
Pat and I posing for Valentine’s Day
This lovely lady took the photo above.

What a lovely day we had in Competa, a beautiful village well worth a visit.

We’re leaving Camper Area MH El Rincon today, we’ve been here 29 days a long time for us to stay in one place so long. We thought it would be cold because it is winter, so we booked for a month on a site with all facilities. But the weather as been fabulous T shirts and shorts most of the time. Which surprised us coming from the UK were January and February are some of the coldest months of the year. This campsite is a very friendly site run by Catherine an English Lady and her Spanish husband and three children. We have enjoyed every minute of our stay here and we hope to come again next year. We’ve met some lovely people from all over Europe who have come here to escape the cold northern winter. We also enjoyed the 5 o’clock club most evenings, some interesting conversation with our league of nation friends. 🥰🍻

That’s all for now on this blog we’re moving south down the costa del Sol. Adios Mis amigos. 👍. A new blog every Saturday. X D P.

8 thoughts on “Blog 4. Thirty days in Rincon De La Victoria time to move on.

  1. Glad you’re having a great time. It’s cold wet and stormy here. Spain seems like another world.Love from us both …
    Sue and Terry xxx


  2. Hi Sue and Terry, thanks for your comment.
    Yes it feels like another world to us the weathers been great, better than expected hope your well not seen you both for long time love D&P x


  3. Hi Derek and Pat just want to say loving the blog keep posting really interesting keep safe and enjoy xx


  4. Great blog. Is that camperstop a small one on a residential area about half mile from the beach? We had a night there just before Covid..Should have stayed longer.


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