Moving south to Ardcastle forest, down to the Mull of kintyre, Campbeltown, a ferry to Ardrossan in beautiful Ayrshire.

Ben Nevis

We had a great time at Neptune’s Staircase, We spent the night there near Fort William with a commanding view of Ben Nevis, the largest mountain in the UK 1345 metres high, there is a tourist route up the mountain but we decided not to climb up because I forgot my grappling irons ☹. Moving south down the west coast passing by Loch Linnhe, Stalker Castle, the lovely town of Oban the west coast of Scotland is gorgeous, but we’re moving inland to Ardcastle Forest where we can stay the night thanks to the forestry commission. We drove half a mile into the forest to a place especially for campervans we were surrounded by gigantic trees we felt like we were miles from anywhere, a fabulous place. We had a very peaceful night sleep. The next morning we decided to go on one of the 4 colour coded walks, what a magical location.

Next up The Mull of Kintyre. Kintyre is not an island but a peninsula that sticks right out into the Irish sea and is only 13 miles from Ireland. We decided to stay 3 night on Kintyre so we went into Campbeltown and booked a ferry to Ardrosan in East Ayrshire. This would save us going 156 miles back north and going through Glasgow. We booked a campsite for two nights right on the very bottom of kintyre, near a village called Macharioch with views over the sea with lots of small island and the Irish coast line. The weather for the first day was bad it rain all day. We managed to get out for a walk later in the afternoon.

Cormorants and Seals
Alsa Craig from Kintyre
Macharioch Golf Club owned by an American consortium.
The golf club hotel
The golf course by our campsite.

What a beautiful place, lots of wild life, there is a nature reserve nearby. Next day we went to the next village along the coast Southend, the weather was a lot better the sun even came out.

St Columba’s footprints where he landed in Scotland 563
Keil’s caves have been used has dwellings over many years.
Steps to the caves
Lots of nice beaches all around Kintyre.
Ireland on the Horizon

What can I say about so many beautiful places in Scotland ? We’re going back to Campbeltown it’s my birthday and we’re going for a meal at the number 42 restaurant, we’re Parking on the harbour tonight, caching the 7am ferry in the morning. Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney lived in Kintyre for while in the 70 and 80s there is a memorial garden in Campbeltown to Linda, I talked to some local people and they said they were liked, and we’re left alone to live their lives. We went to see the garden it was very moving.

The ferry terminal

Up early this morning, we had to book in at the ferry terminal at 6 am we sail at 7 am. The sea crossing takes just over 3 hours we have to stop at the Isle of Arran to pick up and drop off passengers then on to Ardrossan in Ayrshire. The weather was calm 13Β° and cloudy. We had a lovely calm crossing we could always see land on both sides so many Islands off the west coast of Scotland. It was an enjoyable sea journey.

Campbeltown to Ardrossan via Arran.

We didn’t stay in Ardrossan we went to Ayr 20 miles drive south. The Ayr councel has made a place to park overnight on the seafront a lovely place to stay only Β£5. But unfortunately, boy racers came out in force from 6 to 11 pm driving up and down the promenade playing loud music and even louder exhausts. We moved on to Girvan another parking area for motorhomes on the harbour no problem with boy racers. We stayed the night and went for a long walk along the coast line and into the town

Alsa Craig is a small island off the coast of Scotland 9 miles from Girvan. Alsa Craig is famous for its Blue hone microgranite of which Curling stones are made.

Next, we’re going to Dumfries and Galloway region near Stranraer. Along the coast just outside Stranraer we parked up near Cairnryan we’re the ferries leave for Ireland on the sea Loch Ryan

We carried on past Stranraer down a peninsula to Drummore on the new England bay. We also visited Mull of Galloway two wild fabulous places.

On to the next peninsula, we went to a village called. The Isle of Whithorn, this area so lovely we stayed 3 days. We parked up in the village on land owned by the landlord of the pub/restaurant called The Steampacket inn We enjoyed some food and beer in his excellent pub thanks landlord πŸ‘πŸΊ We did some long walks along the cliffs it was stunning. The population of Whithorn is 300 half Scottish half English.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed our blog. Thanks for reading. We put one out every Monday, please leave a comment we like to get feedback. x

Next time Dumfries, Gretna Green, Maryport, the lake district and the Yorkshire dales .

2 thoughts on “Moving south to Ardcastle forest, down to the Mull of kintyre, Campbeltown, a ferry to Ardrossan in beautiful Ayrshire.

  1. Great read folks , love that part
    Of the world , first ship in the merchant was full of Scotsmen , I thought the islanders (Stornaway etc ) were foreigners πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ glad you’re both having a great trip πŸŽΈβœŠπŸ‘πŸΊπŸ₯ƒ

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  2. Hi Dale, glad you like our blog we’re having a fantastic time, one week left of our holiday then home. How’s the band going, have got any gigs? I’m looking forward to playing live. cheers D


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