Ireland, France and Spain 2020 blog. Travelling plans cancelled.

Partying last year in Spain Tarifa.

Year three of our travels have had to be cancelled. We were planning to get a ferry to Ireland from Holyhead to Dublin for three weeks, then over to France from Rosslare to Cherbourg down to the south of France and Spain for six months or more. But this pandemic has put the block on it. Things are not looking good in Ireland or Europe So we’re staying put. All the musical things I do and Filey folk festival where I run a stage at the Station inn have been cancelled, so things have gone tits up this year.

We’v been keeping busy decorating the inside of our motorhome over the last two months, not realising what a big task it would be. We wanted to make it more modern, so I painted it two shades of gray. It turned out to be a long job painting cupboards inside and out, eventually I got it done and it looks better more contemporary.

It was a wood effect brown colour that was dull and old fashioned. We now need new curtains and upholstery to go with the paint job, once you start something like this it’s never ending. But no point in doing half a job. We’d like to show you some pictures of the refurbishment but the upholstery is not finished yet its stuck in the shop, and its closed because of coronavirus, So that’s what we’re up to now . Don’t know when we’ll be able to go away in the van again, maybe later this year or more likely next year.

Our van waiting patiently.
We’ll show more pictures when the upholstery is done.

Coronavirus pandemic is looking very serious, so we’re glad to be home were we can help look after our family and friends. Stay safe.