France, Spain and Portugal blog nine.


Welcome to blog nine.

The weather has changed, our last night in Anglet it rained all night, that’s the first rain we’ve had since we arrived in Europe on June 27th. So we looked at our weather app, rain was forecast for the next 5 days all along the west coast of France. We decided to go inland north east across France, where the weather looks a bit better.

First stop Cadillac Wine is the main attraction of the town, there are several wine estates around the town where you can taste, buy and enjoy.

Cadillac dates back to 1280 and has a castle and a wall around the town plenty of history.

The name Cadillac was adopted by the Detroit car manufacturer General Motors for its luxury car brand, after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the French explorer who came from Cadillac he was the founder of Detroit.

Cadillac is a interesting town worth a visit, we just stayed one night on a free aire thanks Cadillac 😎.

Back on the road to Bergerac about 160 kms east.

Bergerac is in the heart of wine growing country vineyards and rolling fields surround this beautiful Town. Bergerac’s other claim to fame is a French man with a oversized nose, Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac. Steve Martin made a comedy film about him.

We parked up on a free municipal aire three kms from the town with all facilities, and a cycling track all the way in to the town through a nature reserve, excellent, so we stayed for four nights.

We enjoyed the nature reserve, great cycling around nature and the wild life we love it. Now the cycling track takes us into Bergerac town. πŸ€—

Reflection through a shop window.

We love Bergerac, it’s a lovely town with beautiful riverfront lively cafe scene. We enjoyed exploring the nature reserve and the Old Town.

We’re moving further east to Rocamadour, only 130 kms but it took us three hours on winding mountain roads. But it was worth it,

Rocamadour is built on 150 meters of vertical cliffs beneath a 14th-century chateau. We parked next to the chateau on an aire and walk down into the small town.

Rocamadour is spectacular, a place we’ll always remember. Walking down was easy, coming back up was easy to because we got the cable car lol.

Next up Clermont Ferrand city, population 141500.

Clermont Ferrand was built around two towns : the ancient Clermont and medieval Montferrand. Surrounded by extinct volcanoes. Lots of the buildings are built with volcanic rock. Clermont is a lively university city very modern and fashionable with two medieval old towns.

We parked on a municipal aire €8 a night, 3 kms out of the city right next to a modern tram system,€3 each return excellent value. So off we went into the city centre for a look around a meal and a drink asyoudo.😁

Clermont is the home of the Michelin tyre manufacturer.

We had a fantastic time in Clermont, the city makes you feel so welcome, and is fun place to be. πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸΊπŸŽΆ

Time to move on again, Now going on to Beaune.

180 kms up the road to the capital of the Cote d’Or Vineyards, Beaune is a wine making town the best place in all of France for wine tasting.🍷

The wine is very expensive but it is the best in the world, so iv been told. πŸ™„πŸ™‚πŸ·

We enjoyed Beaune and it’s wine. πŸ™‚ We’re moving on to a place off the beaten track called Corgirnon.

a small village in a woodland area.

We arrived at Corgirnon only one other van on the aire, twenty minutes later they went so we’v had the aire all to our selves. πŸ™‚

What a beautiful place so different from where we’v been over the last three months.

We had a long walk in the Woodlands and into the village, very quiet only saw three people all day. Corgirnon is lovely and well worth a visit

That’s all for blog nine.

Please join us on blog ten.

We’re going to Germany to meet my brother and his wife Terry and Sandra.

A beautiful part of Germany along the Moselle river, then on to Brussels and Ghent to meet some friends we met last year.

Thanks for reading and following us we do appreciate. Cheers Derek and Pat x.

4 thoughts on “France, Spain and Portugal blog nine.

  1. Hi,
    Lovely friends what a great blogg AGAIN!! The photo’s and places you have been are amazing. Was you hiding in those bushes Pat hoping not to be found πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Your bloggs are so interesting Derek you really could write a book. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. What a fantastic experience you have both had AMAZING! Really looking forward to seeing you Pat and catching up. Take care lots of love to both of you. Xxxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gi D&P, great pictures and great to see you’ve had another brilliant trip. We loved Rocamadour too. We were only talking about you a few days ago as we stayed over in Cognac for a night on our way down to San Sebastian which is where we met you both! Anyway, happy and safe travels😁


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