France Spain and Portugal. The Algarve and West Coast. Blog six.

We’re having a fantastic time travelling in Europe.

Mikki’s places was a great place to stay, and we met some lovely people of different nationalities. (see blog five to see more about Mikki’s)

Welcome to blog six. We’re travelling along the Algarve and going to have a look around Albufeira. It’s one of the biggest resorts on the Algarve. We drove in to Albufeira right down to the sea front it was very steep and narrow, the beach was packed it took us about 20 minutes get down and 20 minutes to get back up. Cars every where and the carparks where all full, the only aire we could find was out of the town. We should have known it is the height of the summer season. Much to busy for us, although Albufeira does look a lovely holiday resort maybe a visit in early or late season would be best.

We’re moving on to place we visited last year. Parque da Gale is 7 kms from Albufeira and about 1km from the sea.The aire is one of the best we’ve been to, 10 € a night with all facilities plus a swimming pool. So we decided to stay for 4 days and chill out.

The first day at Parque da Gale we decided to clean the van inside and out. Jobs have to be done when your away for 5 month’s 😖. A good job done🤗.

We met an Irish couple from LLondonderry in northern Ireland on the site, Kathleen and Joe, they’ve done loads of travelling as you can see from the Sticker on back of their van, lovely people and interesting company.

What a beautiful site this is, its managed by Yan. He made us very welcome, the is site is spotlessly clean and Yan keeps the gardens beautiful.

Yan loves his Bannans, so did we yum yum. 👍🙂

Next stop Alvor just 80 kms away, Alvor as a good night life. So We’re going to visit an Irish bar we went to last year. Alvor is a small seaside resort with a lovely beach, and a inland sea with lots of sailing boats and kite boarding.

A 16th century church sit above the old town. Alvor is also famous for it’s seafood restaurants.We found a good aire next to the beach so off went for a bit of sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

Three hours in the sun that was enough, so we went in the beach bar for a drink and pizza.

That was great day on the beach now back to the van for a kip and a shower.

Tonight some live music in the Irish bar.

Alvor is a lively place, we had a great time in the Irish bar till late. We definitely recommend.

Tomorrow we’re going to the west coast of Portugal to a place called Porta covo. Wild and rugged and off the tourist route.

Porta covo is appealing, traditional and Cute, so my lonely Planet book says. It has rugged cliffs and small bays with beaches along the coast for miles, and the cliffs are not to big so you can get to the beaches. We did some walking and exploring the beautiful bays.

What a beautiful part of Portugal, most of the tourist where Portuguese, I think they’re trying to keep it a secret from the rest of the world.

There’s a festival going on in Porto covo and a famous pop star from thirty years ago is playing tonight. Jose Cid we had never heard of him. So off we went to see him, it was a free festival.

A massive crowd turned up and they loved him, and sang along with all of his songs. Can’t say it was my cup of tea but he had a great band with him and the sound was great.

We were wild camping in Porto covo and we met a guy from Holland called Damian. Who played the guitar, so we had a session out side the Van’s.

He is a lead guitarist in a band back home in Holland. So we played some music and drank some wine.

Thanks Damian what a enjoyable night .

We love Porta covo we’d definitely come again.

We’re going to move on tomorrow to Evora. It’s about 150 kms away inland. The road we took to Evora was very bad , lots of potholes and tree roots pushing up the tarmac. We had to drive in the middle of the road most of the time, good job the roads where quite.

Evora is a walled town, and one of Portugal’s most beautiful preserved medieval towns. Inside the 14th century walls are Winding lanes, and fantastic architecture and a medieval Cathedral. Columns of the Roman temple Romano. Evora is full of history and a beautiful place to visit.

We parked for free next to the walled town, Evora encourages people to visit thanks for your hospitality Evora.

We’re off again to Coimbra home of the most prestigious university in Portugal. But on the way we’re stopping at Fatima for a night stopover.

Fatima is home to two massive Roman Catholic Basilicas, one new built in 2007 and other much older, one km apart.

In 1917 13th May, the virgin Mary appeared in an apparition to three awestruck peasant children. It is now a site for Pilgrims to visit, over one million of them a year.

We went and had a look around, the place it is stunning. Religion is alive and kicking in Fatima.

No expense spared in the building of the new Basilica. Lots more information on the internet.

Next stop Coimbra, built on a hill With the Univarsity on the top, around and below is tangle of old town lanes with lots of bars restaurants shops and Portugese fado folk music. The new town at the bottom along the river Rio Mondego. We parked up along side the river on another free aire.

We went into the town and went to see some Fado folk music, very skilled guitar playing and very passionate singing, excellent music. We walked to the top to see the university. It was a steep climb up so we found a bar and had a drink 👍🍺. On the way down we had a meal in the old town.

This is our last stop in Portugal it’s a fabulous country we love it. 🏖🌊🌅🤗

Coimbra is a beautiful city we like it👍😎. Bye Portugal hello Spain

First stop in northern Spain, Pontevedra. We used it has a overnight stop but it turned out to be a lovely city. Free parking again.

Were moving on to the north west tip of Northern Spain. It’s known has green Spain I think it rains a bit 🙄🙂.

That’s all for now see you on blog seven.

Please give us a like and a comment we love to read what you think, good or bad. Derek Pat xx.

5 thoughts on “France Spain and Portugal. The Algarve and West Coast. Blog six.

  1. Aww how lovely you have some lovely photo’s, I love the amazing buildings and the fountains was wonderful. We loved Alvor we went in the Irish bar when we stayed in Alberfura. Your right Portugal is a lovely country. You’ve even had a swim in the pool, it looked very inviting. Great blogg again I look forward to reading it. Take care and keep enjoying the music, food drink and friends you have met on the way. Love Babs xxxxx


  2. Thanks Barbara you always support us and give lovely comments. We do appreciate. Hope alls going well with your new home we’ll be home on October 25th 9am on North sea ferries xx DP


  3. Very interesting blog. I feel I’m on this journey with you and seeing all the beautiful sights.We enoted Portugal too,it has so much to offer from medieval villages to bustling towns and impressive mountains.Isn’t it great that you meet so many loveley like minded people too,and of course blended with lots of music.The weather is still looking gorgeous too,getting rather autumnal here so loveley to see plenty of sunshine.Keep enjoying your lucky selves.Stay safe.xx


  4. Thanks Jean and Charlie, we love to get comments thanks. Looking forward to your singing weekend 🤗.
    We love travelling around Europe.
    Wev found lots of lovely places to visit with the help of our lonely Planet books . And lv played music more this year . See you both soon October 25th home DP.xx


  5. Hello Derek, I’m Paulo, you were in my store in Évora, since he is a musician, along I send the description of musician José Cid, the same of the live concert.
    José Cid will receive a grammy that will be delivered on 2019-11-13 during a ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, which is awarded to artists who have made contributions of exceptional artistic significance to Latin music.
    In 1978 it released ‘10000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus e Marte’ , in English, ‘10000 Years Later Between Venus and Mars’, considered a masterpiece of progressive rock.
    10,000 years later between Venus and Mars is a progressive rock album by José Cid, a rock opera and also one of the few space rock albums in Portugal, co-edited by Orfeu and Arnaldo Trindade in 1978. [1] It is a cosmic symphonic rock trip dominated by Mellotron, string synths and others, featuring guitar, bass and drums.
    It is named one of the top five in the world by Sputnik Music UK and also rated by Billboard magazine as one of the top 100 Progressive Rock records in the world.
    Recognized as an “excellent for any progressive music collection” work at, a progressive sound site where it ranks fourth on the 1978 progressive albums, the album is also a constant presence on the same platform, considered a ” essential disc and a masterpiece of progressive rock “.
    Based on science fiction, the concept is that 10,000 years after humanity’s self-destruction, a man and a woman travel back to Earth to repopulate it again. The tone of the songs is one of contemplation about the mistakes of humanity’s past and future hopes. Most songs are influenced by bands like Moody Blues or Pink Floyd. The album was composed by Cid, with help on some songs by guitarist Mike Sergeant and drummer Ramon Galarza.
    Spotify Link:
    He is the 2nd Portuguese to receive this award after Carlos do Carmo in 2014, recognized for his career and defense of Fado as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2011.
    This is the link to the Blitz website, it is translated in English at the bottom of the page:
    One more suggestion, if you like Portuguese guitar.
    Listen to Carlos Paredes, a supreme sumo guitarist with respect to the Portuguese guitar.
    Artur Paredes revolutionized the tuning and accompaniment of the Coimbra Song, associating his name with the most progressive and innovative singers. (Artur Paredes was the father of Carlos Paredes), who followed him and expanded the versatility of the Portuguese guitar in such a way that it became a known instrument throughout the world.
    Translated by Google.
    Best regards:


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