France Spain and Portugal blog 3. But a different route.

France Spain and Portugal but a different route. Blog three.It’s been a long time since blog two, time flies when having fun. We’v moved in to Spain through the De Bielsa tunnel it’s a one way tunnel we had to wait 10 minutes for the other side traffic to come through, then a ten minutes ride through over the border from France into Spain while in the tunnel. The country side looks the same in Spain but the building look different and a lot more colourful. Well we’v had a great time in France the weathers been great it started off at 24° in Normandy and it gradually got hotter it’s now 35°.We’re now heading to a hill top medieval village of Ainsa. It stands on a hill above a small modern town of the same name. When we came into the town it didn’t seem special, but as we drove up the steep winding hill up to the medieval village, we had a commanding views of the Pyrenees mountains. What a beautiful place and a parking aire for motorhomes €5 a night.We found a bar where we had Nachos and Guinness lovely 👍🍺.Ainsa and it’s castle and fortifications dates back to the 11th century. And it as been restored beautifully. Ainsa also as a aviary for various rescued birds of prey including the bearded Vulture.We’re now off to the Costa Brava but we don’t like to do more then 90 miles between stops. So before we get there we have an overnight stop at Lleida. An aire behind a motorhome dealer’s not a bad place safe and sound.We decided to make a spaghetti bolognese and eat it outside with bottle of red wine, lovely after a long hot day it’s still 35°. After the meal I got my guitar out and sang a few songs, and the man next to us came and joined us. His name is Joos he is from Switzerland and speaks perfect English. So we had a sing song and a great conversation and more wine and beer. Joos as been travelling around Europe on his own for 10 months, his wife comes and joins him every few weeks.Thanks Joos we enjoyed your company. love DP.We are going to visit some resorts on the Mediterranean coast. There is a great motorway which runs along the Mediterranean coast from France to Gibraltar the A7, 800 miles long. It a free motorway it was finished in 2015. It’s a great engineering experience, viaducts tunnels and bridges and lots of them. Through the mountainous terrain. So we’ll be jumping on and off the A7 as we travel along the Mediterranean.Our first stop is a Delta de L’Ebre nature reserve near Amposta, Casa de Fusta.78 square kms of wild exposed Marsh land and water ways, a great habitat for flamingos, ibis and purple herons to feed in the lagoons. This is Spains most important water bird reserve. And lots of rice paddy fields. A great place for us to walk and cycle.This place is so far away from the Mediterranean tourist traps. So natural a lovely place, so peaceful.Back on the A7 motorway were going to Moncofa a very Spanish seaside resort.Very nice place but it’s so hot 38° it’s to damn hot. So we’re moving up into the mountains to a small village called Benageber, hopefully it’s a bit cooler there. But no it wasn’t. Spain is going through a heat wave. Benageber is very nice not a lot going on, but we found a bar and the locals were very friendly. We had the aire to our selfs, it’s was free with showers and toilets all very clean. The villagers are trying to attract visitors to their lovely village. We made a barbecue on the night. We had a lovely time here, and we were made very welcome.Thanks Benageber for your hospitality.We fancied a bit of night life so we’re off to Alicante on the Med coast. We found a municipal motorhome aire and settled in for three days. It sayes in my lonely Planet book that Alicante is dynamic, attractive with a castle and a long waterfront, old town and an exciting night life.We had a busy 3 days in Alicante. We had a long ride on our bikes, we thought it was flat but no it never is. Pat says there’s always a hill lol. But it was good exercise and had a good look around. Next day we went on the tram to Alicante old town about 5 kms up the coast very interesting. On the night we went out for a lovely meal and had octopus it was very nice with a lovely sauce. Alicante is a busy city plenty to do and see and quite classy.Back on the A7 and on to San Javier a big aire holds 200 motorhomes but mostly in the winter months, this time of year only 20 Van’s. In winter if you stay over 3 months it only costs 6 or 7 € a night with all facilities electricity, water and wyfi the lot, and it’s very nice aire. We stayed 2 nights. We went for a bike ride to the sea about 1 km. On the night we found some live music which makes a change. In a beer garden an enjoyable night.Next up Aguilas seems a nice place but, the aire was away from the town, and we had to cross a very busy road to get to the beach and up a steep hill, so we just stayed the night. And moved on to Castell de ferro. We’v been before last year it’s 10 € a night a bit pricey for us lol, but we like it and it’s right on the beach. So we booked in for 3 night to chill out .WWe had a great a time I tried my hand at paddle boarding, but couldn’t get my balance standing up 🙄 but I’ll keep trying.After 3 lovely day at Ferro we’re on our way to Malaga. Parking on the beach we were here last year so we are staying for a week, we love Malaga.11We’v had a great time in Malaga. thanks to Pete the landlord of the Shakespeare for letting me play. Malaga is a great city, Plenty to see and do. We parked on the beach no problem. Our next blog will be in 5 days time I need to catch up😎.Thanks for reading please give us a like and a comment, up next Ronda, Tarifa and Morocco. Cheers Derek & Pat x

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  1. Hi lovely friends, WOW! Another great blogg Derek. There are some AMAZING! photo’s what an adventure it must be fantastic. Take care carry on having a great time. Lots of love Babs xxxx

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  2. That Joos guy from Switzerland…. Reminds me of me….. And when we met in the Spanish mountains…. Love the blog guys…….. 😜


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