France, Spain and Portugal mk two. Blog two. 8th July 2019.

We’ve spent 3 days in Camaret sur mer. Lovely little fishing village, on the last night went out and had some cocktails and beer πŸΊπŸ‘.

We got a text message from Les and Linda Dobbs. Who are in France on holiday in their van, so we’v arranged to meet up with them in a couple of days. But first we’re going to Theix Noyalo a village 150 km south. just off the west coast.Just one night here, I went for a bike ride and left Pat to do some sunbathing, and bit of hand washing lol 😁 around the van.

Tomorrow we’re meeting Les and Linda at Ile de Noirmoutier an island just off the west coast of France. You get to it via a bridge or a causeway. Its only about 80 km but took us 2 hours down lots of narrow lanes throught farming country. We decided to go over to Noirmoutier on the causeway. But when we got there the tide was in, we would have had to wait 3 hours. So off we went to the bridge 20 km away.

Over the bridge we went on to the Ile de Noirmoutier. Noirmoutier is an island in the Bay of Biscay the Atlantic ocean. A lovely island with lots of beaches and a great big Chateau de Noirmoutier, dates back to 12th century. Population 9,600.We met up with our friends Les and Linda Dobbs, they were on a campsite by the sea with a great beach. On the night we had takeaway pizza and we got the guitar and concertina out as you do, and had sing song πŸŽ΅πŸΊπŸ‘πŸ€“πŸ·πŸΉπŸ€“

We had a great two days on Noirmoutier lots of sun sea and sand but it’s time to move on.So off we all went to Cognac. A beautiful town the home of French Brandy. les and Linda like that idea lol. Cognac is 180 km away through some lovely countryside. We got parked up in the middle of the town, a great place for campervans with all facilities and it was free. France is great place for campervans to park in villages, towns and cities. Wish I could say the same for the ukπŸ˜–.

We went out on the night to sample some French cuisine and it didn’t let us down we had a fantastic meal. 🍷 Cognac is lovely town to visit and we are getting on so well with les and Linda we’v decided to move on together, to a village we went to last year. Aubeterre is not to far away about 60 km. But it’s across country and our satnav was playing games with us sending us down some very narrow lanes lol. But we made it. Aubeterre sur Dronne as been listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France since 1993. Aubeterre is also well known for it’s church of St Jean an underground monolith Church. So we got parked and we made a bbq and relaxed for a while. Later we went in to the village up the steep hill into the village square. A beautiful tree shaded square and we had a few beers outside of the Hotel de France.

Les had bad hair day. :^) We stayed out till midnight, then back to our van for coffee end of a great night.We’v had great time with Les and Linda they’ve been excellent company. Tomorrow we’re staying for three more days. Les and Linda have to move on they’ve only got a week left, we’v got till November lol πŸ€—.

We said our good byes, and off they went see you in November πŸ‘.It seem so quite now, but not for long we’re meeting up with Mark Anthony Lang tonight in the Hotel de France looks like another fun night on the beer.We met Mark last year when we were here, and we’v kept in touch on Facebook. Is that sad or what! 😎. We relaxed the rest of the day. Then went up to the HDFrance on the night and met with Mark and his wife Jo nice to see them again.

Mark and Jo have lived in France for 6 years, and love living in France. Mark is a joiner Jo looks after horses. And they come from Yorkshire 😎🍺. Aubeterre is a great place as you see from the photos.Five days in Aubeterre we’v had a fabulous time, time to move on. We’re staying inland heading to the Pyrenees mountains, our next stop will be Lannemezan in the foot hills of the Pyrenees mountains. A long drive we arrived at 4 00pm. We had a meal then went out for look around. We met some local people, who told us some of the best places to visit. And how to avoid the Tour de France cycling race which was on the next day.

Lannemezan is a

nice place, good for a overnight stop. Next morning up early and in to the mountains first stop ARREAU. It was a lovely ride up into the Pyrenees. The village of Arreau we stopped off and had A coffee and crepes . A lovely village but moving on to somewhere a bit wilder, ten more miles up the mountains to Aragnouet. We’re going for a walk in the forest and mountains should be fun, on with our boots and off we go.

Well that was a fabulous walk in the Pyrenees mountains two hours at reasonable pace. It’s still very hot even high up in the mountains 30Β° that’s hot for walking. We have had very hot weather in France 35Β° most of the time. In Brittany it was cooler about 24Β°.

We are going up to the top of the Pyrenees mountains a very curvy winding steep road. We come to the tunnel de Bielsa, we go into the tunnel in France and out into Spain.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.

I hope you enjoy Pat’s Video commentary lol πŸ€— see you on blog three. 😎 in SPAIN β™₯οΈπŸ‘

6 thoughts on “France, Spain and Portugal mk two. Blog two. 8th July 2019.

  1. Hi you 2 lovely friends, well Derek another great blogg and so interesting. The photo’s are amazing. Love the commentary Pat through the tunnel. 😜 I’m looking forward to blogg 3. Keep enjoying wish our weather was as good. πŸŒ§β˜” xx


  2. Ah, good to see you’re bacj on the riad again for another loooong trip😁 Looks like you’re having a fab time. Look forward to seeing where you get to this yearπŸ‘ safe travels Jane x


  3. Your trip to Morocco looks fantastic and youv been to many places. Don’t know if we’d go to Morocco πŸ˜– but we are going on a oneday trip from Tarifa later in August .happy travels were to next ? Derekpatx


  4. Hi Jane how you doing?
    We’re having a fantastic time travelling around Europe we’v done 5 blog’s. Looks like you had a fabulous time in Morocco. Where are you now cheers DP. X


  5. Hi Jane we’v had a great Summer fantastic time, we’re in France now just arrived at Anglet.
    We’v got another three weeks and three days left. Going to Germany to meet my brother in the Moselle region Piesport, then Ghent then home Zeebrugge to Hull ferry home. Hope you enjoy your trip


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