France Spain and Portugal blog fifteen. Home safe and sound.

We’re in Argeles sur Mer France. This is the last leg of our journey homeward bound.

We spent 3 days here, we enjoyed Argeles but it was a bit chilly and rainy. Camping is very popular here lot’s of campsites but they’re all shut, as are most of the restaurant’s and bars. We parked for free on the marina.

We went for a bike ride the place is completely dead. I’m sure it a lot nicer in summer, but we had a lovely view the Pyrenees mountains with snow on them.

We decided it was time to move on we have a boat to catch. But before we do we are going to Carcassonne and the Dordogne first. So off we went on a two hour drive. We parked on an aire 10โ‚ฌ a night and filled up with water dumped our waste. A fiftteen minute walk to Carcassonne a castle and a walled city. When driving up to the castle it’s built on a rocky hill and it looks like something out of a Walt Disney film. With it’s zigzag battlements and spiky turrets. Its a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997. Its been restored and it’s a perfect medieval castle. It attracts four million visitors a year.

We had a good look around but the weather was not good. Rain wind and it was cold. A great city to visit we recommend, but pick a warm sunny day lol.

We’re off to the Dordogne a beautiful region of France. Winding river’s mountains and cliffs and some lovely medieval villages and Chateaux line the rivers. Also famous for food, pate, truffles, walnuts, fine wines and Foie gras. We stayed 2 nights in the Dordogne visiting three towns. Luxech, Uzerche and Sarlet La Caneda. All three very beautiful village’s/ Town’s. Sarlet is the capital of the Dordogne and well worth a visit, full of medieval architecture narrow streets and squares. Very busy in summer but very quiet this time of year.

Time to move on from this beautiful part of France. Our next stop will be Normandy northern France, a small village called Nonancourt. We got held up by the fuel protests about three times mostly at roundabouts. They Held us up about ten minutes each time. It was all very friendly and we give them our support. The price of fuel is high 1.63โ‚ฌ a litre.

We stayed one night at Nonancourt. Another lovely Village full of Normandy architecture and a Christmas market.

Just a quick visit to Nonancourt

So we’re moving making our way to Calais to catch the 8pm ferry on Sunday 2nd. Our last night in France will be a small town called Wissant in northern France, ten km from Calais. A seaside resort on the English channel.

So many lovely towns and villages, but we’v run out of time. We’re catching the ferry today from Calais to Dover then a 300 mile drive home to Hull.

We’v had a fabulous six months adventure in France Spain and Portugal. All beautiful country’s full of history and great scenery. We’v met so many lovely people from all over Europe. And the local people are all so very friendly. We’v loved every minute of it, its past our expectations. We’ll be doing it again. We made it home safe and sound having done 6300 miles, on Monday 3rd 2018 at 2. 30am.

Our last photo home sweets home..๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Š

A big thanks to you all for reading our blog. We’ll be keeping the blog going while we’re home. Leave us a comment we answer them all, Derekandpatx x.

7 thoughts on “France Spain and Portugal blog fifteen. Home safe and sound.

  1. Hi D&P, well what a trip you’ve had. You will no doubt have many happy memories ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventure and seeing all your photos. Time to enjoy some time with family and friends now I expect and to get used to living in a house again! Enjoy the festive season at home. Jane x

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  2. Hi Jane, yes its nice to be home but we’re already planning our next trip lol.
    We’v had a fabulous time now time to spend Christmas with family grandchildren๐Ÿค— and friends. Thanks for Following us ๐Ÿ‘. We also enjoy following your blog.That work your doing looks interesting may have a go at that next year. Could you give us some tips on what internet sites to look up please. Thanks again DPxx


  3. Hi Derek and Pat
    I see you are back home again. I’m sure you both had a fantastic trip. I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t come over before going back to the UK. I completely understand though, maybe on your next trip over here.
    Lovely meeting you guys and keep in touch Marcel says hi too….bfn…Keith


  4. Hi Keith, we where going to come but the weather turned bad .. and we where a bit late getting to the ferry. We’ll be doing it again next year maybe we will pop around to your place. IT was good meeting you both on Spain . We’v been home two weeks and we’re ready to go away again lol.


  5. Finally read your last blog – quite strange seeing your pics of Carcassonne and looking at places that we’ve just walked around. It’s a fantastic place isn’t it – Sarlat is lovely too as is Roque Gageac. Looking forward to catching up with you both before you set off on your travels again – I’ll give you a ring xx

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  6. Hi Deb, thanks for reading the blog. The last month of our trip we had bad weather unfortunately. But it didn’t let it stop us going to places we wanted to go to like, CARCASSONNE and the Dordogne and more. So we just put another woolly on. We’re going again in May till sometime in October. We can see you had a great time looking forward to seeing you we can exchanging experiences DPxx


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