France Spain and Portugal. Blog eleven.

We had a fantastic time at Sierra Nevada. But it’s Time to move on. We’v decided to stay in the mountains and visit some of the lovely white painted Spanish Villages. First off Archidona about 80 km away, a working village off the tourist route. Archidona was made a city in 1901with only 8858 population, and is now a historic artistic site. A beautiful city. We celebrated Pats Birthday in style 😊.x

Pats Birthday drink 😊xxx

Pats birthday breakfast πŸ€—

Happy birthday Pat.

Next up we’re going to Olvera it’s about 80km over the mountains, the roads where narrow with hirepin bends. It was a bit scary but what a fantastic drive. We could see Olvera from miles away it’s built on a mountain with a Arabic castle on the top.

Olvera was a refuge for bandits up to the middle 19th centre, now the town supports family run farming cooperative more then any where else in Spain. Olvera is renowned for it’s Olive oil and is a white town per excellence.

Olvera is a beautiful town and we would definitely recommend as a place to put on your bucket list.

So we’re off to Benarraba even deeper in to the mountains narrow steep hairpin bends.

I just take it easy driving, not much traffic on the road so we enjoyed the drive. πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜–πŸ˜Š

Benarraba is a village with one road in and out down a steep hill. Parking for motorhomes is very good all facilities with a fantastic view €20 for three nights can’t be bad so we settled in. It was Benarrabas yearly festival 2 days of music and dance, wine and beer. We met up with two men from Belgium Keith and Marcel, Keith is English but lived in Belgium for 43 years.

We had great time with Keith, Marcel and his dog Lily, We all got on very well. On the 3rd night our two new friends made us a lovely meal. The local people in the village made us so welcome they where so pleased to have visitors at there fiesta.

We’v had great time in Benarraba with Keith and Marcel not forgeting Lily. And all the local people who made us all so welcome thanks.

We’v been in the Granada And Andalucia district mountains for 10 days. What a beautiful part of the world we’v loved every minute.

We’re going to Esterpona on the Costa del sol only a 1 hour 30 minutes drive. Esterpona is one of the first resorts to attract foreign tourists 45 years ago. It still has a old fashioned feel and lovely beaches, bars and restaurants. We got parked up for free around the harbour we stayed for 3 days. We did a lot of walking along the promenade and in to the town. It’s very quiet but still some people about, it’s October but it’s still very hot Β°30. Next day we found a nice little beach and spent the full day just chilling very nice, right next to a beach bar.πŸ€—πŸ˜Ž

Esterpona is a good place to chill very nice. But we’re moving a bit farther just off the coast to Mijas. We’v been told it’s a great place to visit. It’s up a mountain just off the coast near Fuengirola. Only a short drive. We got parked up in Mijas by the police with all the coaches about 20 of them.

Mijas is lovely place but it’s very busy lots of tourist shops. We had a walk around we enjoyed the scenery looking down on Fuengirola and coastline along to Belamadena.

We decided not to stay the night and move on to Malaga, So off we went again. Last time we where at Malaga we found A place to park up on the beach. So that’s we’re going for a few days. Beach parking with 15 other motorhomes. We woke up in the morning looking out to sea a great place to park. Later we got our bikes out and cycled in to Malaga city and the harbour about 5km away.

We went to the harbour first, it’s a beautiful harbour and marena. Lots of cruising ships come in to Malaga. It’s very modern with bars and restaurants lots going on.

Next in to Malaga city centre, marble pavements very classy lots of posh shops.

A friendly Spanish person πŸ˜€.

We went looking for a pub called the Shakespeare. We found it down a narrow jumble of streets. My friend Graham Wilkinson told me it’s a great pub for music. We met the landlord Peter. Music on Wednesday and Friday we’ll be back later.

Malaga is a lovely city worth a visit, it’s got a great long beach. But it’s not like other tourist trap resort on the Costa del sol, it’s a great city, we like it. πŸ€—πŸ‘

We’re meeting our friends Debbie and John, they are coming for a holiday in Belamadena. We met up with them at there apartment lovely to see them. We had a drink then we went out on the town for a drink and a meal.

While we where in Belamadena we went to look at the appartment we’v booked 27th October for my son James and granddaughter Mabel and me and Pat. (we’re having a 7 days holiday in the middle of our 6 months adventure lol) To see if we could park the van on the apartments car park, should be ok. I was going to pick James and Mabel up from Malaga airport in the van. But Debbie told us there’s a train runs from Malaga airport to Belamadena only 20 minutes. That’s a better idea. Thanks Deb.

That’s all for now We’re having a great time. We’v got 7 weeks left before we come home on December 4th.

Thanks for reading the blog. leave us a comment or a like we answer them all Derek Pat x.

3 thoughts on “France Spain and Portugal. Blog eleven.

  1. Hi Derek
    Great blog.
    It was really great metting you and Pat up the mountain in that beautifull Spanish village. Everything just came together and we all had a fantastic time together for 3 days. I can see you are still enjoying yourselves…I’m in a place called Quartiera and Vilamora. Moving on tomorrow. Greetings from Marcel and ofcourse Lily….hope to see you again before you go home….πŸ˜‰


  2. You guys certainly have been to some fabulous places – I’m more than a little envious. Great thing to do!


  3. Hi Treven nice to here from you hope your both keeping well. We’re have a fantastic time and we’v still got 7 weeks to go. Thanks for reading the blog see you in December.. Derek Pat. 🍹


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