France Spain and Portugal blog Ten 04/09/18.

We’v done so much this last 3 weeks time flys by. I’m a bit late with blog 10. We are in Rota Spain on the Atlantic ocean coast Costa de la Lux. Rota is a small seaside resort mostly Spanish people on holiday. We found a great place to stay near the beach and it was free. So we settled in for 5 days. Rota is the home of the Spanish navy in a joint venture with the U.S navy open in 1955. And gives lots of local employment along with fishing, agriculture and tourism.

We chilled out on the beach for a couple of days and went on a bike ride to Al Puerto de Santa Maria. All on cycle tracks. Spain is great for cyclists. We had a lovely day we did about 14 km.

On our bike ride we could see Cadiz over the sea. Cadiz is built on a peninsula surrounded almost entirely by the sea. Sounds interesting so off we went to CADIZ.

Cadiz is a walled city surrounding the old town a jumble of narrow streets with some fabulous ancient architecture . Cadiz also has a modern area just out side the walled city. We parked up on a car park where motorhomes are allowed to park over night, not far from the old town 2 nights €6 excellent.

We had a walk around the old town what a lovely fascinating place. We got lost for about half an hour. So we found a bar and put Google map on my phone, sorted. We went on a open top bus tour around the old town and the modern city with commentary, which give us our bearings. Next day we went on our bikes. Cadiz as some lovely beaches but far to crowded for us see the photos.πŸ€” Most towns and city’s we’v been to have a Church or Cathedral. Cadiz was no exception Citedel de Cadiz is massive. Started building in 1716 finished 1836. It has three different styles of architecture and a big golden dome its beautiful. So much to see in Cadiz fabulous and deserves more then a 2 day visit, but we would definitely come again.

We are moving down the coast to TARIFA. This is a place we’v wanted to visit, it’s on our bucket list. We drove about 100 km and found a fantastic place to park. One and a half km from Tarifa, by the sea on the sand dunes. 20 or more motorhomes parked up along here. It’s free my favourite word lol😊. So we settled in for 7 days.😎

It’s very hot in Tarifa about Β°33 but it’s very windy thats why it’s the most popular kite surfing area in Europe. But it also keeps it a bit cooler. We’v met a few surfers who are very friendly. Jose and his friends, we sheared a bottle of wine with them one night. Jose offered to take us in to town one night so we’ll be taking him up on that offer later in the week. We have also met Fred the German he’s 77 and still kite surfing. He comes to Tarifa every year and meets up with his girlfriend πŸ‘. We also had a good conversation about Brexit lol and he agreed with me😊. There are four beach bars and restaurants along this stretch of sand dune. One night the music went on till no problem we loved it. πŸ€—πŸ˜Ž.

Jose took us in to Tarifa town then he went off to meet his friends. So we went for meal and drink and a look a around. It’s a lovely classy town with a feel of the east. It’s not far from Morocco 14km on the ferry to Tangers. Jose picked us up at midnight and took us back to our van top man. We’re now friends on Facebook Jose and his dog Punto Puntero lol πŸ€—.

Next day we went on the beach watching the surfers. Looks like great fun, but can be quite dangerous. if the kites drop into the water some of them have to be rescued. The rescue boat was kept busy.

On our last day we walked in to Tarifa on the beach in our bare feet, took an hour, fabulous. Did a bit of shopping had a lovely meal and got a taxi back. Tarifa has been one of best places we’v been to, we had a great time will come again no doubt.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ€—

We’re now going to the Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean sea. We’re not going to Gibraltar because in late October our son James and granddaughter Mabel are coming over for 7 days. So we’re going to Belamadena to book an apartment for us all. We’ll be going to Gibraltar when James and Mabel come over, on a coach trip. We got parked behind the beautiful Belamadena marina for one night. We had a look around and booked an apartment. Then we went on a yacht out in to the Mediterranean sea. Iv always wanted to sail the 7 seas but we only sailed the Mediterranean for an hour. Pat said she felt sea sick and it was dead calmπŸ™ƒ.

We went to Malaga next and we loved it. We went on a bike ride in to the city. On our way we bumped in Hazel and Kim a couple we know form Minerva sessions in Hull.

What a small world. They have a house near Malaga lovely to see them. What a great place Malaga is, so we’re going back before we meet James and Mabel in Benalmadena. So more about Malaga later.

We’re going to meet some friends in two days . So we’re going to stay at a campsite in Castelo de Ferro for two days to clean the van and do some Washing €10 a night with all fercilits not bad. The site is near the beach on the Costa Tropical. Not a big tourist area like the Costa del Sol. Ferro is very small and peacefull village.

Next stop La Mamola to meet Steve and Carol. They have a house in Sorvilan in the mountains. So we met in Mamola for a drink and chat. We had a good night great conversation and a laugh.

Next day Steve came down to Mamola and we went for lunch.Then we followed him to his village Sorvilan. Up a winding road to the top of a mountain, park up in the village on a sloping road. Surprising where you can get a motorhome. Then we went to their house to drink eat and be merry and play some music.πŸ€—

Sorvilan is a very beautiful village.Very steep it’s built on the side of a mountain a lovely place to live. Thanks to Steve and Carol for your hospitality we had a great time.😘x

We’re now going even higher up into the mountains The Sierra Nevada. It’s about 80 km away. It was motorway most of the way. Then 30km of very winding road. We climb up to 2550 meters above sea level well done to my vanπŸ‘ What a fantastic place the scenery is unbelievable.

Can you see the goat’s

So we decided to climb to the top of Veleta mountain it’s only 3395 meters high lol. The Sierra Nevada is the most southern sking resort in Europe. It’s base is in the village of Pradolleno 33 km from Granada. €44 a day sking or snowboarding In winter. In summer it becomes a mountain bike park. So off we went on our walk up mount Veleta. We where doing well then someone told us we needed ropes and grappling irons. We were so upset, so we give up lol. But we did get another 400 meters which made us very proud. We walked for 4 hours it was fantastic. The sun was shining it was lovely day. Good weather for walking. When we got back down we had a well deserved beer in a mountain bar as you do. 😊

Three days in the mountains fabulous. But time to move on. Were keeping in land going to a village called Archidona.

Thats it for now but we’ll be back. 😎

Send us a message give us a like we answer them all.

Derek and Pat xx

7 thoughts on “France Spain and Portugal blog Ten 04/09/18.

  1. What a fantastic time your both having.the photos and commentary are great,feel like I’m there with you.loveley that you’ve met so many friends along the way too and enjoyed Steve and carols hospitality. Keep on with the blogs and enjoying yourselves you lucky SODS! Take care now. Xx


  2. Hi Pat snd Derek. First of all Happy Birthday Pat. Hope you’ve had a lovely day. Love reading the blogs altho for some reason not seen all of them. You are def living the dream. Xx


  3. Hi Derek and Pat what amazing photo’s. I love the write up it’s always so interesting. Can’t believe how much you’ve travelled both of you. Hope you’ve had a great birthday. Take care lovely friend love you lots. Xxxxxxx


  4. Thanks Babs glad you like our blog. Pat thanks you for your birthday wishes 😘. We have been busy We are meeting up with friends from Whitby in a week or so, then James and Mabel are coming over. Its all good fun see you in December Pat Derek x


  5. Well you two look like you’re having a blast! Good on you! We loved the laid back vibe behind the beach in Tarifa too although our roof vents nearly blew off! We’d love to meet up sometime on the road – our plans are to travel down through France to Northern Spain then into Northern Portugal and down the coast but we may scoot across Spain to get further South if the weather isn’t that great in the North. keep in touch and if we’re close we’ll sort something out. keep on enjoying your journey:) Jane and Tim xx


  6. Great blog again the photo’s are amazing, so pleased your enjoying it still. We are all missing you, can’t wait to see you in December. Us girls are out now just had a lovely meal at Gold Crest but our best friend is missing πŸ˜“ but we are happy to know your having an amazing time. Lots of love Babs xxxxxx


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