Blog eight. France Spain and Portugal 12/08/2018.

We had a great time in Alvor staying out late, something we’v not done much of. We enjoyed the music the restaurants and bars. We’re going to go back a few miles to Sagres on the south west corner of Portugals Algarve. We missed this part out because of forest fire’s, we were advised not to go to this area.

So now we’re going back 40 miles to Sagres and Cabo de Sao Vicente. This area is a bit like Lands end in Cornwall UK. It’s very rugged with very big steep cliffs, small cove beaches and desert like county side, so natural. The town is small but spread out. The temperature was 33Β° but felt like 24Β° because the wind blows quite strong most of the time. Making it very comfortable for cycling and going for walks. We got parked up for three day on an aire on top of the cliffs with a fantastic view. This the view from our van.

Fortaleza de Sagres

There’s quite a few tourist here but plenty of room it’s not crowded. It’s one of the most beautiful places we’v been to on our travels we loved it. After three days we got told to move on by the police πŸ™„ to another aire only half a mile away. So twenty motorhome had to move. We all parked up on a headland near a Fort, it was just as beautiful and also freeπŸ™‚. The police wanted all the motorhomes parked in one place. So we stayed another day.

A lovely four days In Sagres and Vicente. So today we’re off again to a small village called Guia near Albufeira. It’s about 60 miles away. The Algarve coast line is Portugals most popular holiday destination. Although the coast line is beautiful, some of the resort are a bit bland. We drove through Lagos a very busy place and very commercial. I’m sure it would be a great place for a family holiday. But not what we’re looking for. Guia is a lovely Village about 2 mile from the coast and near Albufeira.

We booked in at a campsite Parque da Gale with a swimming pool. A first for us and with all facilities. €7 a night not badπŸ€—.So we book in for three nights..

First thing we did was go in the pool it was lovely. The temperature had been 35°all day, so we had a nice cool swim. 😎

Next morning the owner of the site asked us to a barbecue party on the night. All drinks and food included. It’s a family run site and they have 6 party’s like this a year. There will also be a Portuguese Fado folk music band playing later. How could we refuse. The Portuguese are lovely generous people.

We decided to get our bikes out and explore this lovely area. Our folding bikes have been great enabling us to see much more of the places we’v been visiting πŸš²πŸ‘. And the bikes help keep us fit πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ We did about 6 km and we came to the rocky coast. And guess what we found a beach bar so we had a well deserved drink.

We went to the campsite party with some German people who were parked next to us Hella and Robert . And also met some English people who have lived on the site for three years Silvie and Dave. We had plenty of food and drink and some great conversation with lots of different nationalitys. Then the Portuguese Fado Folk band came on four great musicians and singers, playing with great passion and feeling.

The next day our new friends came round to our van and we had another little party. We’v had a great time on this lovely site. We’v been made very welcome by the Portuguese owners. And all the different European people we have met.

Our next stop, were going to Faro the capital of the Algarve. But before we go to Faro we need to get a new regulator for our new Spanish gas bottle. We came with two British gas bottle we’v now used one of them. We have a connector But we need a regulator for the Spanish bottle. Our Germany friends told us a good place to go thanks Robert.

We said our good byes and off we went only 5 miles to Camping Technik. They did a great job only took one hour to fit. We’v only used one bottle of gas in three months. We have 600 watts of soler power and 440 amp hours of battery power. So we cook mostly on electric. We need gas for the fridge and freezer over night when the suns not out.

That was good job done, very pleased.πŸ€—

Off we went to Faro We found a aire to park right next to the Town. Off we went for a walk in to the old town. It’s a beautiful town lots of old buildings along the sea with lots of sand bank island just off the coast. We walk along to the marina and found out there was a folk festival. Portuguese Fado music and dance on tonight. So we stayed out and had a meal in a lovely restaurant. We got to listen to some music and dance what a great day got back to van at midnight. Portugal is great 😊

We went to a fabulous Guitar recital by Joao Cuna. The guitar has 8 double string and unusual way of tuning on the top ..excellent πŸ€—

We needed to do some Washing and cleaning the van. So we are moving to a campsite with a washing machine. We found one just out side Fado 3 km away at Montenegro 3 nights €25 thats ok so off we went. So we spent all day washing and cleaning. The van is nice and shinning again in side and out. And we’v got clean clothes. We stayed in that night and watched Good Will Hunting, love that film. Tomorrow we’re going on our bikes to a nature reserve hope to see Flamingos.

This is the site we’re on. Only been open seven days, Faro campervan site. These tree’s are cork tree’s.

Off we went on our bikes to the nature reserve. It’s near the coast. Parque Natural da rea Formosa lots of lagoons. marsh lands. Salt pans, Creeks and sand dunes islands. This nature reserve stretches for 60 km along the Algarve coast. We saw lots of wading birds, ducks, gulls terms and flamingos a very interesting place.(Roy Leo Lion would love it).

We’v been in Faro five day and enjoyed it lots to do and see. But Time to move on we’re going to Tavira one the Algarve most attractive towns.

That’s all for now thanks for following us on our fantastic trip around Europe. 7 more days and we’re going in to southern Spain.

Send us a message we answer them all 😊😎


One thought on “Blog eight. France Spain and Portugal 12/08/2018.

  1. Oh this blog is so interesting not that the last 7 weren’t, The photos are amazing and lots of them. I really look forward to seeing them and your write up. You could write a book Derek. Cycling will be keeping you both fit, you will be fitter than me when you come home. Lol! Keep enjoying and keep the posts coming. Take care lots of love to you both. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š xxxxxx


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