Blog 7 France, Spain and Portugal. 05/08/18.

Hi Blog number 7. We’v been here at Peniche and Consolacao pedra Mar for 9 days. The weather’s been hot 39° for the last three days but it’s cooling down now so we’re off to Lisbon the capital of Portugal.

Its only 65 km to Lisbon and we picked out a campsite just on the outskirts of Lisbon. It’s a big site and expensive €35 for one night🙄. But it’s secure and thats what we wanted in a big city. And public transport just out side the gate. I think I mentioned in the last blog that the roads are in a terrible state of repair in Portugal. So we got on a bus and had a very bumpy ride in to the city centre. It’s a wonder the buses don’t fall to pieces. But we made it in one piece just lol.

Lisbon is built along the Rio Tejo a big river very impressive. Lisbon as had a very impressive history until 1st November 1755 when three major earthquakes hit. The most power full earthquake in human history killing 90,000 of the Lisbon population. Much of the city was ruined and it took 100 years to rebuild. In 1908 the Portuguese monarchy King Don Carlos and his son were assassinated. So that was the end of the monarchy. Portugal became a democratic country in 1974 ending Europe’s longest dictatorship. Lisbon is a very interesting City with lot of narrow cobblestone lanes. loads of traffic and graffiti on the buildings which is a shame. Some the squares are lovely especially Terreiro Do Peco on the banks of Rio Tejo. Not the most beautiful city but an interesting and charming place to visit.

So off we went back to our campsite a forty minute ride on a bumpy bus. 😏 Just one night in Lisbon. We’re now off to the south west coast. Santiago do cacem. Just one night here then tomorrow we’re going to do a tour of the west coast down to the Algarve. Our Lonely planet books say that this coast line is unspoilt from Sines to Sagres.

So we set off nice and early 10am thats early for us, and went to Sines only 12 km. Sines is a lovely seaside town so we had a walk and found a cafe and had breakfast full English first one we’v had for a while.

Then off we went to Porto Covo keeping to the narrow road by the Atlantic ocean this is a big surfing area down this west coast. Next up Almograve another beautiful village by the sea but we got moved on by the police. To many motorhomes parking along the cliffs and beach. So next village Cavaleiro were we had a stop and had a drink. Next inland to Odemire by a river very nice. We’v done quite a lot of driving today and seen some fabulous places. So we’re thinking were to stop to night. We moved on and came to this little village Azenha do Mar . No beach but on top of big cliffs We went in a bar had a meal and a drink or two, and watched the sun set. Stayed for the night, end to a perfect day.

We love Portugal fantastic scenery, the Portuguese people are so friendly. So we’re going to the Algarve tomorrow to Alvor. We’v been told it’s a lively place on a night. We fancy a bit of night life. It’s about 100 km away booked in on an aire for four nights. Alvor is a small seaside resort it as cheaper side and an expensive side first off we went to cheap side as you do 😁. €0.90 a pint not bad. Alvor as a lovely beach and and a inland sea water lake/marina. A very smart town with lots going on at night. Quite a bit of music going on and an open mic 🙂. And we had a cocktail or two. So we settled in at Alvor for four days.

We’v had great time in Alvor.🤗 but we would like to go back to the west coast, north west corner Sagres and Cabo de Sao Vicente. It’s wild and rugged terrain and it’s called The End Of The World. see you next time. another blog in a weeks time 😊😎🤗😉

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4 thoughts on “Blog 7 France, Spain and Portugal. 05/08/18.

  1. Great blog Derek so interesting, it’s so lovely knowing were you are. The photo’s are amazing! You have certainly visited some wonderful places. I will look forward to reading blog 8 and seeing where your travels have taken you. Love the photo’s they look really professional. 😃 take care both of you. Lots of love. 💚 xxxx


  2. Really interesting reading Derek and Pat. Portugal sounds wonderful. I didn’t know much about it’s history. What a brilliant trip you’re having xx


  3. Hi Sue, yes Portugal is a interesting country we’v loved all of it. We’re in the Algarve now Its a busy area but found some lovely quite places. And the Portuguese people are so friendly. We love it 😊 staying till September then southern Spain. Thanks for your comments DP


  4. It looks like you re having a great time!! So glad your dreams are coming true!! Xx


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