France, Spain and Portugal blog number 6. 24/07/2018

We’v had a great experience in Northern Spain. But we’re now going to Portugal for two or three weeks. We’v picked out a place to stay Viana do Castelo from our Lonely planet book it looks interesting so off we went.

First thing we noticed

as we drove into Portugal were the roads are in bad need of repair pothole after pothole. We arrived after a 2 hours drive. Viana do Castelo is split in two by the river Lime, we were on the south side next to a three miles of beach. We parked on the sand dunes on an aire with all facilities for motorhomes and it was free, a beautiful place.

We had a walk to the beach and sat and watched the wind surfers out side a beach bar for a while and it was happy hour.😊.

Next day we got a ferry over to visit Viana do Costelo. With it’s medieval city centre. The old quarter narrow lanes, beautiful building alongside the Rio Lime Estuary. on the Costa Verde. What a lovely city we finish the day off with a meal down the umbrella street.


Our first time in Portugal and we like what we’v seen up to now. We want to go inland into the mountain region so we’re off tomorrow to Enter is Rios.

We have 70 miles to go not to far, but we didn’t anticipate the state of the roads in Portugal. We’v got avoid toll roads turned on on the sat nav in France and Spain it was no problem as the alternative roads in France and Spain are ok. Not so in Portugal. The sat nav sent us off the main road through a small village, which was very narrow. The road slowly went up hill and got steeper and steeper and turned to cobbled stones. Soon we were in the country side going up a mountain with hairpin bends and the steepest of drops at one side. The road was so narrow it had passing places. Luckily we only met one car going up. This went on for about 8 miles till we got to the top. Going down other side was no better. Pat didn’t say much but her knuckles were white. And when we got down to the bottom she breathed a sigh of relief.. so did I 😡😊. We put it down to experience. We came out on to a new road running along the river Douro. Which took us to our destination Entre os Rios. From now on the sat nav will be turned on to use toll roads in Portugal. 😏

Was it worth the journey.. yes. 👍So we chilled out by the van along side the river Doura. On the night went for a walk in the cool mountain air, and had drink in a bar sat watching a beautiful sun set, fantastic place.

Our next destination will be inland still in the mountains Miranda do Corvo. But this time were going on motorways. We’re keeping off the tourist trap route, going to a working town. We did about 90 miles on motorways just about all the way. Cost €13 not bad and a lot quicker. We like it here at Miranda do corvo so we stayed 3 days.

Pedro and Rodriguez our Portuguese friend’s, showed us the cheapest bar in Miranda.

Very grateful €1.90 for two not bad so we had some more 😊.

When we left Miranda we were very chilled so time for a Festival fiesta at Peniche on the west coast.

Motorway all the way to Peniche, we went on a site €5 a night so we could catch up on some washing and cleaning the van. chores have to be done.😏

It was the hight of the season in Peniche. Fiesta time it was wild till past three in the morning for the next seven days. We took advantage of it for two nights. We had great time. The costumes and dancing were spectacular. It’s like fiesta in Brazil on a smaller scale but still very good. Peniche is built on a peninsula which was great for cycling around the views are fantastic. With beaches either side

Peniche is fabulous place and we loved it. But we decided to move around the bay to Consolacao beach 3 km away. So we could chill out a bit more.🤗.

This is the beach bar which became our local. I got a text from Trevor Appleton my friend the weather man. Saying that the temperature is going to be 48° in the next few days. So we are staying here for the next week or so. Which won’t be hard as we love it. There is a breeze blows off the sea keeping it a bit cooler.

This seafood restaurant is built on the side of a cliff next to the Atlantic ocean. We had lovely meal here. 😊

Next day we had a bike ride to the next bay call San Bernardino. When we got back we went in our local beach bar and Pat had Caracois to eat a bit like winkles. Pat said wrinkles were better. I just had a beer 🤔

We’ll be staying here till the weather cools down. Then we’re going to Lisbon.

Hope your enjoying our blog.

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One thought on “France, Spain and Portugal blog number 6. 24/07/2018

  1. Some amazing photo’s so pleased your having the time of your life. What a fantastic experience. Dave and I love reading your weekly blog. I’m going out for coffee on Monday with Stella and on the 14th were all going out for tea, but were all going to miss our lovely friend. We will be thinking about you and will make a toast to you. 🍷 Take care my lovely lovely friend. Love and miss you loads. 💚💚💚 Xxxx xxxx

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