France Spain and Portugal blog number 5. On our bikes. 15/07/18

On our bikes this morning, going to the Salburua the green nature area. It’s only 5 km from Vitoria Gasteiz centre. It consists of forests, lakes and swamp with wooden pathways over the water so the wild life is not disturbed. A fantastic place to go on our bikes.

What a great place, we did 20 km on our bike’s so we stop off for a drink on the way back €4 for two pints 🀩. That night we had another thunderstorm with hailstones as big as marbles banging on the roof of the van. We were worried about the solar panels on the roof but they were OK πŸ€—.

We decided to move somewhere we could chill out, so pick out a village on a lake called Cabarceno about 70km away.

With elephant roaming about in the fields next to us a bit of a shock. Then we found out there was a safari park next to us. A lovely village with some nice restaurants bars and hotels quite busy with the safari park. But we just chilled by the lake for three days.

So off we went again heading for the north coast of Spain. We went into Santander just for two hours. A busy city. A ferry runs to England from here so we may use it next year as it saves a lot of miles driving through France. So on to our next stop Gijon. We pick up the toll free motorway it runs all the way along the north Atlantic ocean coast. Northern Spain is very mountainous so this motorway has lot of tunnels bridges and viaducts a fantastic engineering achievement. Into Gijon we went, we parked up And found we had a ship building yard on one side of the parking and docks on the otherside. We were next to a busy roundabout and behind the roundabout was a railway line. This may sound bad.. but we had a beach in front of us and some lovely trees for shade with a picnic area. So we settled in. We needed some food so off we went looking for a supermarket. Got what we needed and we found A bar as we do 😊. It was a local bar with people coming in from work. We had a great conversation in pigeon English and pigeon Spanish. And every time we ordered a drink we got some tapas. No need to cook a meal to night then lol. We had great time with these lovely Spanish people. Thanks for making us welcome πŸ€—.

We enjoyed Gijon but the weather is not to good. Dull cloudy and rain. So we’re off to Cudillero one of the most beautiful village’s in Spain so it says in our Lonely Planet book.

Cudillero is on the coast. Our sat nav took us down the steepest narrowest hill in to the village people were looking at us as if to say you’ll never get down that way. But we did only just!

We parked on the harbour a place especially for motorhomes. We found out later that there is a better road out of Cudillero thank God.

Cudillero is a lovely village we had a walk around in the poring rain. It looked like it was never going to stop.

So we’re off again this time to Tapia were the weather looks better. And it was, so we had a walk down to the beach and harbour, booked a meal for the night. Pat saw a cocktail bar and decided we’d have one before the meal….

why not 🀩.

We had a nice time in Tapia Casariego. The north of Spain has not been the best weather it’s been warm but cloudy. So now we’ve decided to move south next stop Guitiriz. We stopped the night filled up with water and got rid of the waste. Has to be done.

Next day we went to Santiago de Compostela. We parked up on outskirts of Santiago and got a bus in to the city. Santiago as a magnificent cathedral, medieval city walls, old town narrow streets and 250,000 pilgrims come every year to see the bones of St James the Apostle. If you like history this is the place to be.

Santiago de Compostela is a very interesting City great to see all the old architecture 5*. Next day we went south to Arcade on the west coast. What cracking little place so we stayed here for three days. Just lazing about in the sun a few beers and bottle of wine.

Arcade, we enjoyed very much, very relaxing. Next stop will be Portugal. Hope you’re enjoying our blogs. We’re having the time of our lives.

Two of our Portuguese friends

Pedro and Rodriguez 😎.

Next blog Sunday 5th August. 😊

9 thoughts on “France Spain and Portugal blog number 5. On our bikes. 15/07/18

  1. Looks fantastic Derek&Pat keep em coming I feel like I’m on tour with you , great stuff πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž


  2. Wow! What a fantastic journey. The photo’s are just amazing! Love reading about the places you are visiting you make the blog so interesting Derek. We’re both jealous πŸ˜‚ it must be a wonderful thing to do. I’ll look forward to reading the next one on August 5th, take care lots of love Babs πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š xxxxxxx


  3. Thank you Babs we are having a fantastic time and love the lifestyle. Were in Portugal just now we got a bit behind with the blog. But we’re staying at a place called Peniche for a week So we should catch up with the blog. Putting a new one out on Sunday. Hope your both keeping well Love DPx😎


  4. It’s great to read that you’re having the time of your livesπŸ˜€ Love the two pictures of the storks. Your route is giving us ideas for going down thru France into N Spain in September/Oct. We haven’t visited N Portugal so looking forward to your next update☺

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi yes we love the travelling lifestyle. 8 weeks now, Still got 4 months leftπŸ€—. In Portugal now most of places we’v been to are off the tourist tracks which we like. Portugal is lovely so natural a bit rough at the edges but that’s fine. Cheers DPx new blog on Sunday


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