France, Spain and Portugal Blog 4. 3/7/18.

Hi, we’re still in Contis La Plage. It’s a really cool place so staying here 2 more days. We went down the beach in the afternoon the beaches are so good down the west coast of France. We went in the sea twice the waves are so big great fun, and the sea is so warm. Contis is a big surfing resort with surf bars and surf board shops. Only a small place but lively.

We went in a surf bar to watch England play with great support for England from all the surfers. We had a great night with them but unfortunately England lost.

We stayed another day and just chilling out, a few drinks on the night in Chez Dan surf bar. We enjoyed our stay in Coutis la Plage.

Next stop Bayonne, Anglet and Biarritz. Known locally as B A B.

All one big urban area but all 3 so different. We parked in Anglet about 300m from the beach. We stayed here five days so we could visit all three. We went to Bayonne on public transport the buses are so cheap €2 for 24 hours go anywhere – how good is that? Bayonne is our favourite out of the three, it’s the capital of the French Basque region. The half-timbered buildings are beautiful, narrow cobbled streets along the banks of the rivers Adour and Nive we loved Bayonne.

Next Anglet it’s a seaside resort with great beaches lots of shops restaurants and bars. We went down the beach for three hours. Then went around the town and guess what we found a great bar and had drink or two.

Our next place to visit is Biarritz.. So we got our bikes out. Its about three miles but it’s a bit hilly. Pat’s not keen on hills :*(. Biarritz is a very busy seaside resort, with lots of big hotels and expensive fashion shops. The beaches are very nice but very busy. It’s a very nice place but it’s not to our liking. So off we went back to Anglet over the big hill, Pat’s not looking to happy about it lol. A short drive to Saint Jean de Lux is our next stop

We parked on an aire in the centre of Saint Jean de Lux. Another seaside resort which is lovely. We watched England loose in the semi final:( Just stayed the one night. Now heading for the Pyrenees mountains.

The La Rhune Mountain in the Pyrenees is 905 meters high. We went up it on a authentic cog railway. It takes 35 minutes to get to the summit. The views are beautiful and panoramic. We saw a lot of nature wild bask ponys and griffin vultures.

La Rhune is a national heritage site. We stayed on the summit for two hours a fabulous place.

We did some wild camping in the Pyrenees mountains that night. Fabulous is all I can say.

Pat had crab claws for tea. 😊🤔

Were now in Spain heading for Vitoria Gasteiz capital of the Spanish Basque region.

We really enjoyed our tour of France a fantastic country. Now we’re in Spain we see quite a difference in price. Diesel is 25 pence a litre cheaper. Beer is two euros a pint cheaper and shopping looks as lot cheaper.

Vitoria Gasteiz.. Were on a free aire just out side the town. We went into the Town on our bike’s. We had a meal of tapas washed down with some local red wine. We’re in the Centro Hisorico area it’s beautiful and it’s got cycle tracks from were we are parked.

Tomorrow were going on the green route on our bikes. An ideal place to enjoy nature. Staying here at Vitoria Gasteiz till Monday 16th.

All for now DP.Xx

4 thoughts on “France, Spain and Portugal Blog 4. 3/7/18.

  1. Hi you both look like your having a great time. Love looking at your Blog it’s really interesting reading it and seeing places your at, the photo’s are amazing. Take care and keep enjoying. Lots of love Babs xxxxx


  2. Hi Babs this is pat sent you a text on what’s app .Hope your all ok. We are having a great time pleased you like the blog. Just sat out side a bar having a drink ha ha. We are on a nice aire next two a lake .We have just left Vitoria so wanted some were quite for a couple of days. We did s lot of biking the last two days really enjoyable.So relaxing you got any more holidays booked. Have you seen the specialist yet.Have you got a night out with girls coming up. Thanks once again for looking at you lots my special friend. Keep in touch. PD.xx


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