France Spain Portugal blog number 1

The time as finally come we’v been planning our trip for the last year.

Our plan is to set of on June 4 Dover to Calais on our 6 months adventure. But first we have to get the van serviced, long term insurance for van in Europe, Medical insurance for us and break down insurance so many things to do.

We said fairwell to our friends and family and set off on June 3rd from Hull to Dover.

We stayed the night in Dover on the sea front with 12 other motorhome waiting for tomorrow’s ferry.

We left Dover at 1200 on misty day arrived in Calais 1400 the weather was dull and cloudy.

We Set off for our first destination trying to remember to drive on the wrong side of the road🤔. The journey went well until we came to some road works. Were the road was shut with no alternative route. So we put an alternative route in the sat nav which came out on a different road to the same road works. So we got the map out and made our own route. We arrived at our first destination 1 hour 15minutes late, never mind it’s all part of the fun🙄. :Cruel Sue Mere: a lovely little sea side town in France. we parked on a aire near the sea over night with all service facilities and it was free.

The weather was still not very good misty and dull but warm.

So we went for a walk along the sea front and guess what we found a BAR. So we had a few drinks to get over the stress of the journey. 😊

We decided to move on the next day, so off we went on a 2 hour 30 minute journey to :La Mailleraye sur Saine: A beautiful place 8 mile from the sea on the river Saine. We’v been before Pat love’s it so we booked in for 3 nights 5€ a night. We had some rain over night but the next day by 1100 the sun came out so we chilled out on this lovely site.

The next day it was a lovely day so we decided to go on a bike ride. There are cycle tracks all along the river. We have 2 folding bikes which go into the storage area and fit nicely in the van.

So off we went on a bike ride. The plan was to go 5 miles along the river then get a small ferry over to the other side then follow the track along the river bank to another ferry that would give us a round trip.

So off we went to to the first ferry. Only 3 minutes to the other side 3 car’s and us. We followed the cycle track about 3 miles to the other ferry but about 1 mile down the track it got smaller and smaller it got to narrow to ride our bikes. We didn’t want to go back so we walked.

Through the jungle lol.

Anyway we made it to the second ferry. Pat was not very happy with me and on top if it all she had a sore bum from riding her bike. 😁 Over the ferry and back to our van. we had a laugh over our adventure bike ride. Opened a bottle of wine as you do😎

All for now more to come D P.

18 thoughts on “France Spain Portugal blog number 1

  1. Fabulous to hear about your journey do far Derek and Pat…. looking forward to the next instalment. Much love Lynette n Chris #takingnotes #retirementplan


  2. Well done for organising the bike routes and ferries Derek, not easy in a foreign land, and the vegetation grows so rapidly in May so not surprising re the jungle. Just back from the café dash round RHB. Playing 1000-1500 – we have lots of sore bits. Enjoy your adventure, love to Pat (and you of course Derek) looking forward to reading more!


  3. Looks great you two . Been playing cd in the car well impressed. Enjoy your adventure.


  4. Hello from Hull! ❤️

    Thank you for sending us this link to your blog – sounds like you’re already having loads of fun and the photos are so good to see! That jungle bike ride sounded like hard work!! I’d have ended up getting taffled up in a tree if it’d have been me! That site near the water looks gorgeous! No wonder Pat loves it!

    My broken wrist has all healed thank you, Pat asked me about it in her text, so tell her there’s absolutely nothing to worry about at all xx

    Mabel will be really excited to read your blog and to see the photos – I’ll Show her when she gets home xx

    Looking forward to your next update – sending love to you both. A



  5. Hi Alice, lovely to here from you. We’re going to do the blog every week or so. Hope you and Mabel will follow us on our travels. Glad your wrist is on its mend
    Love X DP .😎


  6. Ooh I see you have a Brompton, we had them too but sold them last year when we got rid of all our stuff. I was really sorry to see them go as they are such fab bikes. Anyway, it looks like you’re having a great trip so far with some lovely sunshine. Vive le France….we love it there with so many really good cheap or free aires. Hopefully you’ll get to do some music on your travels too♬ xx


  7. Hi Woldsweather or Trevor, Iv always loved RHB festival great fun the cafe dash. It’s a new life stile for us but we’re loving it up to now. lots to see and do. And it’s a slower way of life in France …😎


  8. great blog.. well pleased you are doing this..inspirational.. love and progress to you both.. well done..what memories you will have… love Annie xx

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi Annie thanks for your comment.
    This is our first week and it’s going well the weather been ok but it’s raining like mad just now banging like mad on the van roof. We’re moving on today ..DPx


  10. Hi folding bikes are great and fit in the van garage nicely. We have Dahon & a Brompton great little bikes giving us a bit more freedom. The Aires are great in France most villages have one and mostly free or just few € . We enjoyed following your blog over the last year and bit it’s given us a few ideas 😊. We’v just done a week traveling and it’s going great think we’re going to like this life style. Cheers DP x

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  11. Lovely to read what you’ve been up to so far. Missed you both this weekend 😢 Enjoy your adventures and look forward to reading more over the coming weeks xx


  12. Hi Debbie and John. We miss RHB Festival always enjoyed sounds like it when well. Lots of money raised 🤗. We’re having a good time been with our friends John and Pam for last 3 days. Were going to an island tomorrow just off the coast near La Rochelle. Getting to love this life style.. DPxx


  13. Hi Pat and Derek finally managed to read blog lol.😂. Great reading. Plants growing well. Take care and enjoy. Xxx


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