Always a place to park.

Hi every body we’ve been making plans for our long trip to Europe. It’s not as straightforward as we thought. Insurance for our Motorhome only covered us for 90 days, Medical Insurance only 90 days, and breakdown insurance 90 days, so all had to be up graded, and of course lots more money!

We’ve had the van serviced and MOT and a habitation test. All went well so we’re fit to go. The plan is to go to France, northern Spain and Portugal then on to the south Coast of Spain. We’ve booked a single ticket on the Dover to Calais ferry as we’re not sure when we’re coming back. So in 12 days June 4th we’ll be on our way. We’ll be travelling through northern France, Normandy in to Brittany that will be about 650 miles from Hull. We’re going to spend about a week in Brittany having a good look a round maybe find some music festivals. Then on down the west coast of France on our great adventure…. more to come. DP.




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